Jean Beliveau Is The Best. And Why Did The Memorial Cup Fall Apart?

You have to wonder why the Memorial Cup broke in half the other day. When captain Chris Buton of the Spokane Chiefs was about to hand it over to a teammate, it just broke in half.

This isn’t right. The Memorial Cup.  Cripes.

Who’s the trophy maker? And who’s the guy that was handling it before the presentation? Didn’t he notice it felt kind of loose and unstable?

It’s unacceptable. A major trophy like that breaking for no reason at all. Did somebody remove the screws? And even though the original is safe and sound in the Hockey Hall of Fame, is it too much to ask that the working one doesn’t fall apart.

What happened?


Now this about Jean Beliveau.

A letter to the Editor of the Ottawa Citizen from Thomas Charbonneau of Arnprior, Ontario.


   “Jean Beliveau is truly a class act. The Citizen’s Valentine’s Day story about his marriage to his lovely spouse Elise was timely and enjoyable to read.

   It also reinforces what I know to be a love affair between Beliveau, children he has touched, and in general the rest of us who are Canadian and Canadien. One doesn’t have to be a hockey fan to appreciate his generosity and to understand how he feels about his role as a person and ambassador of the sport he loves so much.

   I recall that during the summer of 1968, Beliveau came to Victoria, BC as a spokesman for the Ford Motor Company of Canada. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and there was a large gathering of people at a popular car dealership to see him. The majority were children of all ages and they all wanted to shake his hand and get an autograph. I was there as a police officer assisting with crowd control and I was within a few feet of Mr. Beliveau.

As the event wore on, time became a factor for what I surmised was a busy schedule, and the publicist accompaning Beliveau was prompting him to cut short the visit and leave. I recall vividly Beliveau saying “these kids came to see me and get an autograph…when they have received what they came for, we’ll leave.”

Amen. I thought at the time that his generosity, his care to ensure those children were not short-changed and his genuine affection towards them has stayed with me ever since. There have been times when I recalled witnessing his patience and sincerity when I have been under the pressures of day-to-day life.”

Thomas Charbonneau

6 thoughts on “Jean Beliveau Is The Best. And Why Did The Memorial Cup Fall Apart?”

  1. Read your article re:Les Gros Bill.Good one, reminds me when Diana & I met him at a book sighning.Oh -Oh just stumbled onto a great Florida Panthers site may have to ditch your’s,hang on just an acid,thc,copious amounts of weed flash back in the back of Phil Hanafords convertable ! Man flash backs sure cut down on costs.I seem to remember being with one of the “BOY’S” that night so many years ago–I wonder just who that guy was !All kidding aside glad Robin set me down the right path so I can continue to be enlighted by your wealth of knowledge of ALL THINGS LES CANADIEN !By the way when does the NHL hockey return to the airwaves??? GREAT site Dennis congrats.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!!

  2. It’s just like the Stanley Cup. The real one is kept at the Hall, and then they use a second one for the other stuff. But regardless, it’s not supposed to fall apart.

  3. Jean Beliveau: greatest hockey player EVER!

    And, yeah, it was a plastic replica.

  4. Les Gros Bill obviously hasnt changed at all, 4 years ago I had sent him a letter asking for an autograph and within three weeks he sent me back an autographed picture of himself and signed on it “to jordy, best wishes jean beliveau” talk about a class act, if it wasnt enough to just send back an autographed picture, he actually took the time to personalize it to me. Theres not a whole lot of athletes out there today that would take the time to do the same.

  5. That’s great story, Jordy. On the otherhand, check out the Gordie Howe posting about signing a man’s jacket.

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