5 thoughts on “Jean Beliveau In Hospital”

  1. This is just heart-breaking news Dennis.

    Everyone loves Jean Beliveau. There has never been a classier player in all of pro sports.

    Our hearts are with Mr. Beliveau and his family.

    Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Ditto what Danno said, he was my idol while growing up and still is. Prayers are with you les Gros bil!!!

  3. Hey Dennis,Everybody in sport and outside of it are all in Jeans corner.He was the greatest of the great,he stands alone in the world of class and is the greatest ambassador of hockey, greater then the game itself.Get better Jean,the world still needs you.

  4. I hope Gentleman Jean is feeling better soon. A hockey game in Montreal isn’t the same without him in his customary seat behind the player’s bench. One brief shot of him on TV counters all the disappointment from this year’s play on the ice.

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