Jays And Mets On Expos Turf

More than 90,000 fans packed Montreal’s Olympic Stadium this weekend to not only watch the Blue Jays and Mets in exhibition action, but to also show their love for the Expos, Gary Carter, and the 1994 team which might have won it all if it wasn’t for the players strike midway through that would ultimately and sadly cancel the World Series.

I wasn’t at the Big O this weekend, but I wish I was. When tickets went on sale last year, I still wasn’t sure if we’d be in Montreal at this time.

Bleacher seats were available in the last few days, but I didn’t want to sit in them. I was in the upper deck in left center field at the 1982 All-Star Game at the Big O and I hated it. I felt like I was watching the game from St-Hyacinthe.

Don’t forget, even great seats at this gigantic echo chamber are far away. There’s that track running around it that pushes the seats further back. And maybe the seats are on a more gradual slope than other parks, I’m not sure. Seems like it though.

This isn’t the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

So I didn’t go this weekend and I regret it. But seeing clips on TV of that spotty field again reminded me of how much I despised that ballpark.

Below is an Expos reply from 1987 when I was looking for tickets. I went often when I was living in Ottawa.

I loved the Expos, as so many did, and maybe they’ll come back. I sure hope so.

But guaranteed it won’t be the Big O they come back to.

Expos 1

Expos 2

12 thoughts on “Jays And Mets On Expos Turf”

  1. I too was at that All-Star game, Dennis, sitting in the same general area that you were!

    I will always believe that the 1994 Expos team would have at least played for the World Series, and very well may have won it. If that had happened, the team would still exist. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

  2. Quite a turnout at the Big O…

    The only way Montreal gets a team again is to build
    a baseball specific field as would be demanded by MLB

    My Jays have not improved their starting rotation enough
    to take a serious run this year….But with Canadian Brett Lawrie and Bautista they are exciting to watch..

    Go Jays

  3. I suggest the American teams subsidize us securing a team like in the same way Canadian hockey teams subsidize Struggling teams in the U.S. Fair trade? I think so.

  4. I was living in St Hubert, a suberb of Montreal in 1969, the Expos first season. I wasn’t a baseball fan but someone had the Expos game on. It was 8-1 for the other team (can’t remember who) going into the ninth. Slow but surely the Expos clawed their way back and won 10-8. The names Mack Jones, Coco Laboy, Rusty Staub, Ron Fairly, Ron Hunt, Bill Stoneman come to mind and within a few years the names were Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, Tim Wallach, Steve Rogers, Warren Cromartie, larry Parrish….
    baseball rivalled hockey for me at the time… If they get a team i hope its an expansion team. There is something magical about suffering through a few years and watching them get better and better instead of inhereting a team from tim buc two.

  5. The ’94 squad was great. Maybe the best Expos team ever. My heart is with the early ’80s teams – Raines, Parrish, Valentine, Cromartie, Rogers, Wallach. I was a Dodgers fan as a kid but I sure wound up loving the Expos.

  6. That’s it, Leaf Fan. Build a true baseball stadium, one with atmosphere. Baltimore’s got a neat, old school stadium that’s fairly new.

  7. Yeah, Marjo. Help out with money it would cost. The city loves baseball and should have a team. The Tampa Bay team is struggling which could be a possibility down the road.

  8. Frank, that’s cool! I live in St. Hubert now!Man, those names you mention. How great it was.

  9. Hey Dennis. Haven’t commented in a while, but still read your site every day. Thought I’d link to the Tim Bozon puck drop in Cranbrook last night. I watched him play the one time he came to Victoria this season, and he had a special game. Think the Canadiens did well in drafting him. He’s looking a little skinny after his battle, but looking OK. It was nice to see the handshakes from all of the Calgary Hitmen players. It’s also nice to see my hometown rink almost packed, as the Ice are looking like they are going to be moving soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iubz-ww_XY

  10. Just awesome Jesse. Thanks a lot, it’s great to see, and I’ve posted it. Also great to hear from you.

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