Jasmyne’s Eleven!

This little girl, who was about three when this picture was taken of her sitting in my Montreal Forum seat, is eleven years old today.

Jasmyne is my granddaughter, daughter of my daughter, and she’s growing up fast. I have four grandkids, she’s the oldest, and she’s also not really a Habs fan. In fact, it seems horses and skiing are more important than hockey to her for some reason, and with that and preparing for her future babysitting career, she just doesn’t have time at the moment to worry about Scott Gomez or the Habs’ dismal power play.

The USA had Martin Luther King Day yesterday, and I have Jasmyne Day today. I love my Jasmyne and I don’t get to see her and her brothers and sister nearly enough. Maybe someday I’ll live closer.

Happy birthday little girl.


5 thoughts on “Jasmyne’s Eleven!”

  1. Awww, I miss when she was this small…not nearly as much attitude! I’ll show her when she gets home 🙂

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