12 thoughts on “Oops. Jaroslav Halak Scores On Himself”

  1. Dennis, I know some Habs fans are gloating that their ex-savior has managed to launch one into his own net, but my initial reaction to this was to feel sorry for him. That’s just a bad bounce, and I refuse to hate Jaro unless he’s shutting out the Habs. I really refuse to hate all ex-Habs excepts Fatso Latendresse for some reason, and really all I can manage with him most of the time is a mild sneer. This is subject to immediate change of course if any ex-Habs are playing the Habs and winning.

    Also, I don’t like to tempt Karma. I suspect she’s having an affair with the Hockey Gods, and they can be a nasty team when they’re PO’d has been my experience. I wouldn’t want Price getting the hate if he had such an unfortunate bounce. Just saying.

  2. Dennis, this goalie controversy has to die sooner or later. And now that Halak is showing signs of being human, the intense, and sometimes unfair, scrutiny of Price will start to die down.

    Halak is going through a rough patch right now and inevitably Price will too. But they are on different teams, in different conferences and facing different situations so it’s difficult to accurately compare their performances side-by-side.

    I like Jaro and was sad to see him go. But the reality is both wanted to be the number one and there was only room for one. As well, we could not have signed both Halak and Plekanec due to the cap space limitations. A decision was made to keep Price plus Plekanec and it appears to have paid off quite nicely.

    And the fact remains that Halak’s agent, Allan Walsh made it clear his client wanted to be traded out of Montreal. This is what sealed his fate more than anything.

    And even if Montreal would have tried to negotiate a deal with Halak it would have cost far more than what he eventually signed for in St. Louis. But it simply wasn’t in the cards.

    Basically, there was no way to retain the two of them and a decision had to be made.

    You have to give credit to Pierre Gauthier who must have known his decision would not sit well with many of the fans given the spectacular performance by Halak in last year’s playoffs. But he had the courage to do what he thought was best for the team knowing there would be howls of protest.

    Being a good general manager is not a popularity contest. It’s about making smart decisions that will build the team into a cup contender.

    I think things are unfolding quite nicely now and everyone should begin to put this behind and start cheering for our team and our goalie.

    Bottom line is, they are both great goaltenders and will both have amazing careers.

    I wish Jaro luck and I will continue to cheer for Carey Price.

  3. Tyg, I haven’t seen any of the hate. Where is it, Twitter? Habs Inside Out? It’s not here. And I agree, it was just unfortunate. He was swinging away with his stick. Anyway, no one’s said anything nasty or gloating about it here. And I just put it up because it’s interesting, that’s all. He’s not so sanctimonious that when he scores on himself it’s kept quiet. He plays for another team now. But again, there’s been no gloating here and I’m curious where it’s going on.

  4. No Vivek, it’s not so bad. A little embarrassing but not so bad. And there was no rubbing it in. Just a video of what happened.

  5. Hey Danno. I wish Halak good luck and Lord knows I’ve thanked him a million times for what he did in the playoffs. You’re right, Danno, there were circumstances that led him out of Montreal and it took a lot of balls for Gauthier and staff to stick with Price. Like you say, there was no way to keep both and they wanted Price.

    Now, for others out there who may have taken something the wrong way. You know, when I posted Halak scoring on himself I hoped people didn’t think I was gloating. I put it there because if someone heard that he did this, at least they’d be able to see it on my site if they wanted to. If something unusual happens in the NHL and it goes to youtube, then I’d like to post it. He’s also on another team now as Danno says. This now is my chance to set the record straight – there is no gloating about this goal on himself. It’s simply information for people to see. And I wrote not one word to accompany the video except “oops.” I’m like Danno and say good luck to Jaro but it’s all about Price now.

  6. It’s all good Dennis. Posting the blooper shows there is another dimension to Halak, and that he is not infallible. I don’t see that as gloating at all.

    My comments were about how the Halak trade has caused a rift in the Habs family which will still take some time to heal. On some blog sites (not yours) the discussions haven’t always been civilized and it seemed people were polarized into either the Price camp or the Halak camp.

    It’s a touchy subject for sure and the passion people feel can lead to heated exchanges. But I think things have turned around for the better compared to when Habs fans were booing Price during the preseason matches. Now I think most people have accepted the situation and have moved on.

    Still, there are some to this day who act as if they want Price to fail because they felt so hurt when Halak was sent to St. Louis. I spoke to one such fan today who got quite upset when the talk turned to how both goalies were doing. He said it was a big mistake and that Price will fall apart sooner or later.

    I don’t get that. And I’m just hoping we can soon get back to appreciating they are both great goalies. One who plays for our team, and another one who we still love and admire but who plays in St. Louis now.

  7. Sometimes scoring on your own net is an embarrassing fact of life. Ask Ryan O’Byrne or Steve Smith. But it is funny, doesn’t matter by who or how.

    Until I saw the video I was expecting it to happen differently. One of Halak’s weaknesses is his puck handling. Too often he misplayed the puck and lost control or even passed it to opposing player. So I was expecting a misdirected or deflected pass into the net. This one was a complete fluke.

  8. Tyg, I agree too. Unfortunately, maybe the only way to put the whole Halak/Price thing to bed forever is for Halak to become a mediocre goalie and Price a star and then people will stop the nonsense. But as long as Halak plays great, we’ll hear how we should have kept him.

  9. if these current bums could put the puck in the net there would be no goalie controversy. as for halak, i wish him only the best, i mean second best………………..

    tgy…moma karma will allow the total and absolute brutal dissing of all former habs who proved to be bums while wearing les bleu, blanc et rouge.

  10. I think Dennis is right. Unfortunately, until Halak becomes very ordinary or starts to suck there will always be controversy.

    In the meantime the three subjects you shouldn’t discuss in polite company are, politics, religion and the Halak trade.

    I wish him well too. But not against us.

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