4 thoughts on “Jake The Snake”

  1. Hey Dennis,Old Jacques was quite the athletic acrobat when he played goal.Played into his forties if I remember correctly,and he was still playing good when he retired.Jacques was a very innovative guy ,as we all know.He changed a lot of goaltending styles in the years after him.

  2. Hey Derry. Yes. Jacques was one of the best, if not THE best. I don’t mind one bit that he was a little odd. Goaltenders generally are. He was a big part of those great teams and is a big part of my Habs heart. I saw him play for the Canadiens when I was young (in Toronto with my dad).

  3. Hobo, I believe so. I think Toe disliked almost everything about Plante. But Toe also said Plante was the greatest goaltender in the game so the respect for his art was there.

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