5 thoughts on “Jacques Martin Chats”

  1. Jacques is trying to get another coaching job.

    I have my doubts anyone will take him, since he’s been around the track maybe one time too many, but you never know.

    He has a pedigree…

  2. JM will I am sure be picked up as an assistant somewhere. He is a defensive specialist type, to be honest I would like him as a defensive coach on the my Leafs as the PK for Toronto is so freaking bad since Wilson came on board…..At least he can teach defensive coverage with a boring personality

  3. Hey the Leaf defence and PK is so bad (thank god for Kessel and Lupul) that I find myself wishing to see Komisarek back in the lineup…

    I know …be careful what you wish for ….

  4. if your wish came true, when wilson gets fired, guess who u got………. to drive the point home leaf fan, what if in the last u.s. election the voters took some acid and voted republican. if something happened to a very old and sickly looking macain, who would become president? that is not to say jm is the rival of sarah palin in the moron department, altho there have been nights, but u get the point.

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