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Danno in Ottawa came across these brochures (below) for Jacques Martin’s hockey school in Rigaud and Hawkesbury. For just $425 for a 5 day session, you can learn from Jacques and return to your team in the fall new and improved and ready to go.

Jacques bills himself as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens so he might want to change the wording slightly.

Hockey schools were becoming the rage when I was a young teen, but I was never able to go because we just didn’t have the extra cash. But I had teammates who did, and I swear I never saw much improvement in them at all. And the common consensus seems to be that although hockey schools advertise all kinds of pros coming to teach, kids rarely see these stars and are mostly instructed by regular staff consisting of university and minor pro people and such.

At the Orr/Walton school in Orillia, Bobby Orr rarely showed up and when he did, it was mostly for photo sessions and the obligatory pat on the head.

There are many who feel that kids should stay away from hockey schools, that summer is a time to get away from rinks, where they had just spent the winter with coaches who yell and obnoxious and aggressive parents, and just hang out at the beach instead. I really don’t know. But like I said, the guys I know who went, didn’t come back new and improved.

But maybe Jacques’ place is different.

If anyone has ever been to one of these, I’d be interested to know how it went. Were you a much better player after going?


11 thoughts on “Jacques’ Hockey School”

  1. He’s been doing it here in Ottawa for years. At least since he was with the Panthers. Probably since he was coach of the Sens.

  2. “Okay kids. Today we practice scribbling on a note pad, jamming our hands FIRMLY into our pockets and looking up at the clock.”

  3. I read the brochure a few months ago. I think it mentioned something to the fact that they only take elite players.

  4. Poor Cole and Desharnais had to put in extra time with Martin. What did they do to deserve such a punishment? Or are they doing it protect kids from his blandship?

    Does Martin still have a house in Ottawa area, the website gives an address in FarHaven? Saying Barrhaven is in Ottawa is about as ridiculous as saying the Ottawa Palladium or whatever its name is this year.

  5. A bunch of cities amalgamated a few years ago. Barrhaven is now actually part of the city of Ottawa (as is Orleans, Kanata, Stittsville, Osgoode, etc.).

  6. The first house I ever owned was a brand new townhouse in Barrhaven for $39,000. But the drive to EB Eddy’s and then National Grocers off Innes was such a drag. I’ll bet traffic’s even worse now.

  7. Another way of looking at looking at these extreme Ottawa suburbs; the distance from the Senators’ arena to downtown Ottawa is more than the distance between the Devils’ and Rangers’ arenas.



    Dennis, how did you get home after a good night at The Chaud? I feel sorry for the poor cabbie. You must have made their year when you moved to the Alta Vista area.

    I don’t know what the traffic is like in and out of Barrhaven, I’ve only been there once when I ran out of gas on the 416. I’d actually gotten much further, but got confused as to which direction I was facing and went the wrong way.

  8. It feels so good to win, even if it’s a stupid shootout game. Any chances we can make the playoffs? Pretty please?

  9. Marjo, the only way it could happen would be for everyone in front of them to lose almost all of their games and the Habs win every night. They’re not mathematically out yet, but the odds are slim to none.

  10. A lot of these schools are turds. Not just hockey schools but a lot of these specialized schools. I went to a school for 3D Animation and it was a complete waste of time and money and I ended up learning more off the net than I ever did at the school. I suspect these hockey schools are just the same. Cashing in on people’s dreams (in the case moms and dads hoping their children are the next Crosby, Stamkos, etc).

    When it comes down to it, if you have a bit of drive there is a lot you can learn on your own. Some things you’ll need help on for sure but other things you need to do on your own. Being in a big class means you probably won’t get much one on one time anyways. I bet if you wanted to be a hockey player (a good one) you can learn more in a 10 minute conversation with one of the greats (be it defenceman, goalie, forward) than a week of these schools.

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