Jacket Diaries


This is my jacket, the same type as you’d see in Toe Blake photos and hockey cards, and is what the trainers in team photos would be wearing way back when. This baby’s from the mid-1950s. I have it in preparation of my being called up for the stick boy job.

A year ago I started to walk. I walked here and there and everywhere, almost every day, and in about six months I’d lost 25 pounds. And one day I tried this jacket on and it fit, which it didn’t before. A little short maybe, but it fit.

I brought this jacket to Montreal with me, and during the trip across the country, it was a lot of restaurant meals and sitting around with beer in the evenings. I ate pastries from those free hotel continental breakfasts, bought the odd Caramilk at gas stations so we could press on, and drove, ate, drank beer, sat around some more, and when we finally got to Montreal, I started a new job where I’m not moving around at all.

Now the jacket doesn’t fit as well anymore.

Is this a sad story?

Below, Toe wearing one from a different year, with the flags on the other arm, along with some different shading in the crest.


5 thoughts on “Jacket Diaries”

  1. Yes Dennis that is a sad story indeed and I can relate all too well.
    Pounds are sneaky, cheeky buggers and can creep back on very quickly.
    I have been treating myself a little too often and have not been walking religiously as I used to….hence a few pounds going back on. So, I am going to smarten up starting right now. Less treats…more walking. Are you with me?
    Your friend and ex co-worker,

  2. I’m with you Noella. I’m going to be more careful, and walk more. Love those Caramilks.

  3. Hey Dennis, Keep up the walking my friend, it will do you good to get exercised up for when you have to carry all those sticks to and from the practise arenas and the Bell Centre.Very nice Jacket and looks to be in very good shape,I wished I had all my Habs memorabilia from my younger days.

  4. Derry, the plan is a lot of walking in the downtown area once or twice a week. Maybe it’s not enough.

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