Jack Todd’s Story About Don Cherry (With My Own Little Tidbit)

The Gazette’s Jack Todd has put the hammer down on Don Cherry, calling him a phoney, and saying Cherry’s not at all the man of the people he wants everyone to believe. Sometimes I disagree with Todd’s opinions but in this case, I’m onboard.

Todd, in his article, which can be seen its entirety here – Don Cherry is a Phony, says “I know someone who has held the same bluecollar job for at least the past 15 years. Cherry has walked past this person on a regular basis for all those years -and never once said hello.”

I also have an example. In 2002 Hockey Day in Canada was held in Windsor, Nova Scotia, and I have a friend here in Powell River who grew up in the Maritime community.  He was back visiting a few years ago, and he ran into an old buddy who happened to have had the job of picking up Cherry at a nearby airport and driving him to the local arena for the Hockey Day festivities.

Turns out, Cherry never said one word in the car to the gentleman, from start to finish, even though the fellow tried to talk to him.

19 thoughts on “Jack Todd’s Story About Don Cherry (With My Own Little Tidbit)”

  1. You know what Dennis, I have started to regain some respect for Jack Todd lately.

    I wasn’t too fond of some of the things he wrote in the past especially that piece he wrote telling us not to refer to our team as “we” as in “we” beat the Flyers last night.

    You wrote a great response to that one Dennis and everyone was justifiably outraged…


    And I really didn’t like it when Todd said it was perfectly okay to boo Carey Price earlier this season during preseason action.


    But, he seems to be trying to redeem himself. And unlike Don Cherry, Todd has the ability to apologize and admit when he is wrong.

    Which is what he did in this piece about Carey Price not so long ago…


    “Any fool can crticize, condemn and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.” — Benjamin Franklin

    I forgive you Jack Todd.

  2. Right on, Danno. And I forgive Jack Todd too. I just wish he would say he made a mistake when he said we shouldn’t say “we” when talking about the team. Other than that, I forgive him.

  3. Hi Tyg. I thought it was pretty bad too. And my friend told me that his friend driving the car felt really insulted that Cherry couldn’t even make a little small talk with him.

  4. Referring to the ‘we’

    Strikes me as incredible that a sports journo could say a thing like that. Yes the franchise system in North American sport can strike us in Europe as somewhat alienating. You wake up and the team you’ve supported all your life has moved a time zone away. So maybe you watch the game but don’t adopt the “we” approach. Or perhaps the franchise is new and so you go to watch but don’t feel part of it. But that’s the exception rather than the rule, surely.

    There are a lot of teams with roots and many, particularly Montreal have existed for so long that the team and fans are intertwined. No-one in Europe would suggest that you don’t use “we” when you talk about your team. Both sides of the pond owners come and go. There are few sports organisations where the fans are lucky enough to own the team. But that does not stop tribal identification.

    Yes people over here change allegiance but it’s generally frowned upon. As is the “I’m a neutral I just enjoy football” type comment which is strangely never said in support of the team propping up the league.

    No real supporting is visceral, it’s unreasonable, it’s illogical. It can tip into the dark side sometimes. But what have you got without it? If I want hushed reverence, I’ll go to Church thank you. If I want slavish celebrity worship and undiscriminating screeching I’ll watch X factor (God help me).

    Saying all that I wouldn’t say “we” when talking about the Habs ’cause I’ve not been around long enough to earn it. But plenty have and they’re right to do it.

    Rant over.

    But he’s right about Don Cherry though.

  5. Blue Bayou, you have every right to say “we” when talking about the Habs because you’re a fan and that’s all that is asked. There’s no time frame involved. Jack Todd wasn’t right about his “we” piece but I feel he’s right when he says Don Cherry doesn’t really related to the blue-collar folks, he just says and thinks he does. If he can’t say hello to someone he’s walked by for 15 years, or chat a little with a guy driving him from the airport, than he’s a phony which many have thought all along. I also just read your latest post at http://www.chelseafcblog.com/ and I have to say, you’re an amazing writer.

  6. I could think up a lot more names to call Cherry instead of “phony”. He let him off too easy.

    I live in Montreal and am an avid Habs fan. If you live on the moon and love the Habs too, you are one of us. It’s a big happy family. Jack Todd was wrong.

  7. M. Gemman, thanks. I like that- one big, happy family. Jack Todd was wrong on that. But I think he kind of nailed Cherry about the blue collar thing.

  8. yeh, ………. don’t get me wrong, i’m not taking sides. they’re both assholes……… will you forgive don if he admits to being wrong about pk?

  9. in 2005 I spent 5 hours in same car as Ken Dryden as we ferried him around Powell River. He must have signed 1000 autographs, had 500 mini conversations, smiled constantly, gave about 10 speeches, met many dignitaries, gave a newspaper interview, etc. I was a bystander and I was completely exhausted. at about 6 pm, I got to go home but Ken had to go to a Kings game as well and drop the puck. During all the time in the van, I wanted to hear Ken speak but he never volunteered anything. I feel he was simply exhausted and he grabs quiet moments as often as he can. I am sure Cherry may be feeling same pressures. May be worse for Cherry as he is more a loud mouth and likely gets opinions more than adulation. But then again Dryden isn’t the cranky, arrogant person Cherry is.

  10. excellent point about quiet moments mayo……………….. i can’t imagine dryden having a “mini” conversation

  11. Hobo. Don could never say he was wrong, it’s not in his limited vocabulary!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  12. Blue Bayou I just read your piece “Come on Greeny Drop the Gloves” and I must say it was a most delightful literary feast.

    Here’s a little tidbit worthy of the QOTD:

    “And anyway even if my pseudo scientific explanation is cobblers, why shouldn’t they wear gloves if they want to? And pink boots and lacy G strings and a furry bloody willy warmer if it takes their fancy. Provided it is within the rules and Nike want to fork out a fortune for them to wear it, why in the name of the very beardy Jesus wouldn’t they?”

    The English certainly have a way with the language. You’d think they invented it.

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