Jack Todd Has His Say About Gauthier

Jack Todd is not a fan of Pierre Gauthier. Here’s his recent Gazette story, and I find myself agreeing with him about certain things. For one, Pierre Gauthier does seem slightly aloof to say the least. And he seems lost in not knowing what to do about Scott Gomez.

It can be read here – Gauthier Fired The Wrong Guy.

Thanks to Beatnik for sending it over.

3 thoughts on “Jack Todd Has His Say About Gauthier”

  1. I agree with Todd that it does look like Gauthier is beginning to panic and is doing anything to make the play-offs, but I disagree with most of the rest of the article.

    Despite that Kaberle is getting points and has helped the power-play I still don’t think it was a good deal for the long term cost. I’d much rather half or even all the money be spent on reliable Gorges next year. If Todd is correct that relations are very bad, that would be a good peace offering.

    Also does Todd know more about the Gomez trade? Officially it was Gainey’s bad deal. Gauthier was only his assistant/advisor. Was he the one pushing for it? And with such a bad deal, it’s next to impossible to unload on another GM.

    Based on their eventual signings, I think Gauthier made good decisions letting Hamrlik and Wisniewski go. If they had stayed for similar amounts/durations, we would all be complaining. I liked both Moore and Halpern, but they were fairly easily replaced. The Markov deal was a major risk which so far has been a bust but can still become a winner As for Cammalleri and Gionta, I’m confident they can return to form with better coaching.

    So really Gauthier’s first major mistake was not replacing Martin last summer when he would have had more time and better candidates available.

  2. I agree more with Christopher than Todd. It is still too early to assess Cunneyworth. Now that I know more about him, I do feel a little better. He has the following leadership qualities:

    – former captain
    – former tough guy
    – more experience than I knew (10 years at NHL level assistant coach which is much more than Muller)

    I feel better about Gionta playing better in future than Gomer. Cammy as well. Gomer needs to be hidden in the minors, period.

    Kaberle may be a mistake and Gorges has a right to be slighted. I would be. Not signing Price to longer deal is gonna hurt. I think we will lose Gorges which will not be good. How we keep him, I do not know.

    Gauthier may have screwed us because this was a better team coming into the season than it is now and gauthier is the reason. The next few months will tell. I still have not given up on Markov yet.

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