I’ve Seen Better Timing From My Three Dollar Fake Rolex

goergy-boyIt’s perfectly natural to want to sell a business. People do it all the time. They sell because there’s a profit to be made,  or they’ve lost their enthusiasm, or they’re tired and just want to retire. And sometimes they sell because the economy is in rough shape and they need to change things a little. There’s a lot of good reasons, and I understand. I haven’t been living under a rock. I owned a restaurant once and I could hardly wait to sell it. Businesses are only good when there’s a money tree somewhere close. 

But when you’re the owner of the Montreal Canadiens, and your team may or may not make the playoffs with only a few games left, and the off-season isn’t far off even if they continue on, why would you announce it now, when the team is on the bubble, when it’s make or break time? Habs for sale

Your timing, George Gillett, is indeed questionable. Questionable, selfish, and even a tad rude.

I’ve always heard that hockey is a business only. Owners buy teams to make money. But I listen to Gillett in interviews going on about how much he loves his Habs, and how it is a team of the people, of the province of Quebec, of fans throughout the world, and how important it is, and on and on. But for whatever reason, and again, it must be all about business, it turns out this isn’t a team of the people, or the province, or throughout the world. Because if it was, he would have waited. Just a couple more months max, sir. Maybe a lot less. That’s all you needed to do. Considering all the turmoil the team’s been through this season, you could have waited.

Now we hear about propective owners: Celine Dion, Serge Savard, Jim Balsillie, Guy Laliberte of Cirque de Soleil, and others. And we get wind of all this at a time when the only thing we should hear is how we’re going to beat Boston and Pittsburgh and keep the Rangers and Florida off our back.

Am I disappointed in George Gillett? I suppose not. He’s probably never been a true Habs fan, just a big fan of money. And like they say, business is business. And maybe it’s best he goes anyway. Fast. I don’t want him as owner anymore.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Seen Better Timing From My Three Dollar Fake Rolex”

  1. A little leeway to George. His net worth has tumbled by as much as $700 million if you trust the British press. I think he has more on his mind than the NHL playoffs…

    Besides, it’s not he who is putting hours of video and internet coverage on this. That is RDS, gagging for a good news Quebec story…

  2. It’s not the lost millions, it’s the timing. The team is officially for sale. It should have been kept quiet until after the season. RDS getting wind of this is neither here nor there.

  3. That’s a very pretty picture of Uncle George you have up there. Looks like a crossover between a retarded baboon and a gladiator.

    You’re right Dennis in that the timing is terrible. I’d also like to think that he could have waited a bit before making this official.

    But Topham has a good point – he’s lost a truckload of money very rapidly and he needs the cashflow this sale will bring. According to some papers, he has a multi-billion dollar loan due soon (july or august) and the bank is threatening not to renew.
    He needs that money right now, so from this viewpoint, I’d say he does really have other things on his mind than the playoffs.

  4. but I understand about the money part. I just think sale negotiations could be kept quiet until the season is over. You can still talk shop, but why make it official with a week to go in the season and the team on the bibble?

  5. Once again, I claim that much of our on-ice dissarray this year derives from bad off-ice plays.

  6. You’re right, Jim. Too much off-ice craziness. When was the last time a season was like this?

  7. He still hasn’t said he’s actually selling though, just sniffing. In fact he’s said absolutely nothing and grumbled angrily when was ever asked.

  8. Also it’s no secret he’s been looking for other parties to join in on a partnership for a few years now. (As in, if he sells, he isn’t necessarily selling all his shares, since he owns quite the huge chunk of shares).

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