I’ve Got The Daily Routine Blues

It always happens. I come back from a fabulous roadtrip where I’d been bouncy and excited and going here and there, doing new things with a smile on my face, and now it’s back to work tonight, bills in the mailbox tomorrow, and days go by in their overwhelming sameness. 

My itchy feet are nailed to the floor, and reality has raised its’ depressing head.

I feel like writing a blues song.

I suppose the only thing that will cheer me up is a Habs trouncing of the Bruins Wednesday night.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Daily Routine Blues”

  1. welcome back to the real world buba……. at least you have your blog to escape the hum drum………… but on the other hand, perhaps your blog is the real world and your hum drum job, and that’s probably giving it too much excitement, is just a little night mare that will pass with time…………. go habs

    if it’s any consulation, howlin’ wolf, son house, charlie patton, muddy water, well,,,, all the greats worked mundane jobs on the farm, railroad gangs, etc. when they were not in jail…… sugar is no different. it’s the priced a blues legend pays.

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