I’ve Committed Blog-Voting Suicide

A website called NHL Arena is doing this voting thing for the most favourite Habs blog and for me, after thinking about it for several hours, I’ve had an epiphany. I now find myself disagreeing with the idea, even though I’m included and have received some votes. But I had zero votes when I first looked at it, which in turn made me wonder for a brief moment why I even bothered at all with a blog.

Then I did some soul-searching and realized I was being ridiculous. I know I have a good blog, votes or no votes. I’m doing what makes me happy, not to win a contest. And I also realized that all this vote was going to do was make me unhappy.  

I like the idea that we’re all Habs fans doing our own thing and are sort of a communal blogging family. This vote works against this. We don’t want anyone left out or feeling bad. Everyone’s blog is great. And really, it’s just a marketing tool to get people to join the website.

And I also know of some great Habs sites that aren’t even in the running, and that’s not fair.

I’ve probably just killed any chance I might have had with this. I’ve committed blog-voting suicide. But it doesn’t matter. I feel much better now.

Here’s the email:

This is just a heads up that we are currently running a Blog-Off Tournament over
at http://theNHLarena.com

Our specific Canadiens Blog-Off can be found here…


First we wish to determine which is the most Habs’ related blog (which will
then be declared the official Habs’ Blog of The NHL Arena and be given a
dedicated banner in our Habs’ subforum sidebar), and then the winner will go
head to head with blogs featuring other teams in your Division, Conference and
ultimately be given the chance to be the best NHL team related blog of all.

I don’t know if you would like to alert your readers and give them a chance to
vote for you, or not. But in any event, I thought you might like to know that
your blog is in the running.



7 thoughts on “I’ve Committed Blog-Voting Suicide”

  1. It certainly wasn’t my goal to give any of our bloggers a mirror to look into. I am just a big believer in the blogging community and whether or not you happen to be a fan of the team these blogs focus on, there are a lot of words being typed around the world that are worthy of being read.

    This blog is definitely one of them.


  2. Dennis, you have my vote. You and the people who contribute to this site are true fans and the discussions are always interesting and good-natured. Don’t worry about that silly contest.

  3. Dennis,

    Don’t ask me how the heck I even got in that contest. Fearless prediction, I wll finish last and I won’t feel bad. I totally agree with what you’re saying, I’ve never seen blogging as a competition, it’s a community and we all support each other.

  4. Hey big guy, you already won by just being yourself. Votes can be tainted in their numbers but the number of hits to your site from all over the globe is a true indication of its success. You do it for your own satisfaction and for for an avenue for others to voice their thoughts. You never intended it to be a part of popularity contest.

    I say “Blog off, Blog-Off” and “Blog On Powell River”.

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