It’s Wednesday So This Must Be…….

We interrupt any important Habs news, regardless that there’s none at this moment, to mention that my wife and I are sitting in the Guesthouse Inn in Bellingham, Washington after making the long and arduous trek from Powell River via two ferries and a winding road that rivals all the winding roads of the world.

Not to mention a border guard who looked like he wanted to take me down and punch me out.

Bellingham is famous for the annual Wig Out when locals trounce around in wigs and act silly for a day. It’s also the setting for a book called Footfall, where earth is destroyed by an alien invasion.

Most importantly, Bellingham is the home town of lovely and shapely actress Hilary Swank.

I’m not telling where we’re going and you’ll just have to have a look each day as I juggle travelogue and Habs hockey. It can be done – I’ve managed it before. Travel writing and Habs blogging go together like Cheech and Chong and Gionta and Cammalleri.

Please check in later. We’ll be somewhere else, hopefully near beer. This one, the Guesthouse Inn with Sonja at the front desk talking on the phone as she filled out our forms, going on about how somebody looked so much older the last time she saw him, is near a pub and I’m thinking I just might pop over and wet my lips after a hard day of driving and ferry riding.

Where will we be later? Hmmm.

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