It’s Very Simple For Carey Price; Just Earn It

Talk is swirling gently in the breeze that Carey Price and his agent have a figure of three million dollars stuck in their brains and don’t feel like signing for less.

I hope he gets it. But he’d better earn it if he does. Employers aren’t all that crazy about giving raises to employees who don’t deserve it.

So far, Price hasn’t deserved a raise. He’s made $850,000 in base salary in each of the past three years with bonuses bringing things to 2.2 million per. And for these millions, the young goaltender remains unproven, with a resume of 134 games played with the Habs, racking up a very ordinary 69 wins, 48 losses, and 18 overtime losses along with a very mediocre 2.73 goals against average.

But he wants a raise and will get a raise, even though he might have to hold a gun to the team’s head for this to happen.

All I’m saying is, if he earns three million a year, he’d better play like a three million a year goaltender.

That’s all the team and its fans are asking of him.

7 thoughts on “It’s Very Simple For Carey Price; Just Earn It”

  1. Funny stuff, Danno. Thanks for this. And the price will be right if he becomes a star. If not………

  2. Thanks Dennis. I’m not a big fan of Adam Sandler, but I just love this movie and especially this scene. Did you know Bob Barker took Karate lessons from Chuck Norris?

  3. Danno, I didn’t know that but I thought while watching it that it looked like Barker was doing a lot of the action and it wasn’t always a double. It seemed like he had a few moves.

  4. I just don’t see $3M/yr happening. As a RFA he doesn’t have much leverage. No one was willing to give Antti Niemi $2.75M and he just won the Stanley Cup.

    If Price wants to maximize his salary he needs to sign a 1 year deal for about $2M, play like the goalie everyone expects him to become, win the Stanley Cup and next year he’ll get $4-5M.

    But what do I know? I don’t understand how he earned over $1M in bonuses for opening the bench door for Halak.

  5. Three years at $1.8M, $2.0M, and $2.2. With bonuses it adds up to a hefty raise and is reasonable for both sides. But, negotiations rarely have anything to do with being reasonable.

  6. Good morning Danno and Christopher. I say give him a nice raise to show the love and avoid creating a festering boil. But he’d better play like a star if he plans on cashing the cheques. Otherwise he might be tarred and feathered and booed like he’s never been booed before.

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