It’s Their Own Fault

Tampa won the game they had to win, a 1-0 shootout over Washington, and the Canadiens couldn’t solve a New York Islanders team they should have easily beaten.

Thus, the Canadiens lose home ice advantage.

It’s their own fault. The playoffs are hard enough without handing home ice to the other team but they made their bed. The best thing to do now is win in less than seven so Tampa’s home ice is all for naught.

It’s also very interesting to see how a couple of things play out Tampa Bay-wise.

Will Ben Bishop suit up in the series? And what’s going to happen to Ryan Malone, who was busted early Saturday on a DUI and possession of a gram and a half of cocaine? One would have to think he’s in a heap of trouble.

In 1977 Rangers forward Don Murdoch was busted at the Toronto airport with 4.5 grams of coke and was suspended by the league for an entire season, although it was lifted after 40 games.

If Ryan Malone laces up in the playoffs, it won’t seem right. I’m anxious to hear what happens. Will the league put the hammer down on this? And will they do it right away?

Malone’s also a bit of a dirty player who cold-cocked Chris Campoli back in 2011 (no suspension), and head-hunted Alexei Emelin in a game in 2012 after Emelin had leveled him with an old-time cruncher that was clean as a whistle.

This time around, it’s not an-ice problem. Cocaine and a DUI is a mighty serious combo, terrible for the Lightning and the NHL. The rep takes a hit. Not exactly role model type of stuff for kids to read and hear about.

Bishop on the other hand is a different story. He’s injured but if he’s healthy and plays, that’s fine. But if he doesn’t play, them’s the breaks.


7 thoughts on “It’s Their Own Fault”

  1. Ryan Malone is a known cheap-shot artist, and I hope that we don’t see him again this season, however long that might be.

    Much as I hate to write it, because I never like to hope for player injuries, the Habs have to hope that Ben Bishop either doesn’t play or that he’s not 100%. That man is kryptonite to Montreal……………..

  2. I think if the NHL doesn’t suspend Malone then their drug policy would be a joke. What’s he going to say, it was the car that owned the coke. If & it’s a big if we play like we did against the Black Hawks we need not worry about who’s in Tampa’s net!

  3. The NHL’s drug policy is a joke. They don’t think there’s a drug problem that needs monitoring so they do very little testing. And no one explains why many players are known to pop cold pills like candy.

    But usually the drug issue for athletes is about performance enhancing drugs not “recreational” drugs. I don’t think it’s the league’s responsibility to suspend players for criminal acts. If/when he’s convicted and sent to jail, then he won’t play.

  4. Agree Danno. Even Borje Salming got a lengthy suspension just for admitting he’d used it at parties. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Malone.

  5. Cheers _ and Snow! About Bishop I heard 2 hrs back he won’t be in game 1
    The man’s a giant 6 7! So let’s keep our proverbial hockey sticks crossed!

    Now here’s food for thought. I’d like to see the Habs go to the end of the series and take it from the Sharks for the cup. A great team that cleaned us out a while back. There’s some terrific commentary about that team

    Great strong writing and he doesn’t mention the Habs but I’d like to see it happen . Forget the Bruins ahhaha. Someone on TSn said he figures its going to be the bruins against I forget who for the cup; Not me, I think we can take them, it’s tampa and other weird teams that concerns me. But going at against the Sharks would be a treat and a crowning glory. Why ? We ‘d take from the Eastern Conference and the Western gang who are amazing hockey players no matter how you cut it, and we’d bring the cup back to Canada. High hopes? Big dreams? Why not. As always it’s a pleasure to read what you say Mister Kane and hello to everyone else commenting here. I didn’t introduce myself when I started gabbing here as I thought it’d be a one time thing, but it looks like I am semi-regular.Not always the most accurate in my comments but a diehard Habs follower (always learning something new)life long like the rest of yous. Ill be watching the game with friends on RDS can’t stand those yahoos from HNIC. They are not habs fans (who wants to hear PJ stock drone on? ). Habs Habs. Another thing Sergio Momeso says it takes will to win, well yes hockey players know this as do fans, but there’s something else too, it’s luck and the unpredictable, the chance moment that offers an unexpected opportunity to grab hold and do something no one imagined. That’s what happened with the Habs this season; think of the game against Ottawa and Detroit. Even losing the other night which really peeved me off , well, the next day I thought, what does it matter in the big scheme? these guys are kings they go out there and bust their bodies up to play.And yes, they get paid well, but then again , money won’t buy the cup or the true respect that comes from the fans who know the difference. It’s too bad Max P. didnt get his 40 but getting the Cup wil be bigger. Think Cup Cup Cup. Eyes on thee cup. Goodnight.

  6. William, I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I was in the middle of comments when my site crashed for an hour or so. Affter that I was walking then the game came on . Right now it’s 2-2 after two periods. Great comments from you. I myself want to shoot the TV like Elvis did when I see Stock. I think he’s a %#$*&^.The Habs won’t get mentioned by many until they get much deeper. Now if it was Toronto, everyone would be gushing. Anyway, CHeers my man.

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