18 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend!!! Let’s Disco With Guy!!!”

  1. Yikes! The stuff nighmares are made off…..that’s right up there with Mike Tyson doing a commercial for bread. “My name is ah ah (camera crew panics and whispers Mike Tyson). I swear, I don’t think he knew his own name and it was probably take 40! ! Good post Dennis, any other memories of bad hockey player commercials / PR ?

  2. Guy has failed to surprise and amuse us. I hope to find more terrible stuff. It makes the world go around.

  3. Hobo! Dick said Danny was so loud he drowned out the french announcer sitting nearby, Rene Lecavalier. Viewers didn’t know this, but Dick did.

  4. For anybody who might care, the canucks picked up Mathieu Schnieder, and also traded with San Jose to acquire Christian Ehrhoff ( Brad Lukowich was also in the deal) Im pretty excited about Schnieder and Ehrhoff joining the canucks defense squad as they both add more offense to there back end.

  5. Jordy, I think Schneider will help the Canucks. He helped Montreal, particularly on the power play. This is where I’m a little confused. Montreal missed Mark Streit’s shot on the power play, so eventually they got Schneider, who did help them. The Habs need the big shot on the PP but they wouldn’t re-sign him. Can Spacek replace him? Schneider will probably be Vancouver’s oldest playe. I think he’s older than Eddie Shore.

  6. Dennis, apparantly Spacek has the big shot from the point, along with Markov our PP should be alright. Also, last season Cammarelli got a lot of his points on the PP.

  7. Just bloody horrible eh,I wonder if Guy deked out the police as well as the opposing goaltenders.Canucks and Schnieder…he has a great shot,but he is 40..didn’t the Canucks learn from picking up old swede last year, an old swede, an old american what comes next an old russian or fin.I wonder if they will make him captain of the team.Maybe they can make their backup goalie a captain and make Schnieder an assistant.

  8. I suppose, like Moey said, Spacek and Markov will do the job Schneider did and Streir before him. I thought Scheneider had played well and figured Montreal would keep him another year, but Gainey know’s what he’s doing. And really, he’s pretty darn old.

  9. I’ll bet they laughed like crazy and rode him unmercifally. It’s so bad it makes me smile. Or laugh out loud.

  10. So that must be what Gainey thought, so that’s fine. All I know is, there was a lot of whining going on when everyone realized how much Mark Streir was missed. So there’d better be a big shot back there. I trust Bob. And Moey, I’ve had trouble all along spelling Kostopoulos.

  11. Montreal desperately needed to upgrade its power play and Schnieder delivered, but I don’t think he’s up to taking a regular shift. Any word on how much he’s getting? Isn’t Vancouver at the cap limit? Was Schnieder looking for something similar to last year’s $5.5M, or did he accept a discount salary like Brisebois last year just to keep playing?

  12. Good questions, and not a whole lot of answers. All I know is, when you’re 40 and it’s a month from opening night, you take what you can get. So I feel there’s no way he’s making anything close to last year. Schneider also had off-season shoulder surgery. So I think, aside from a few nice power play goals, Canucks’fans shouldn’t get overly excited about this. Heck, if he was any kind of important player, Montreal would have kept him.

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