20 thoughts on “It’s Sure Taking Its Sweet %#$&*Time”

  1. Lawrence,

    I dont think i’ve ever disagreed with you but i have to admit i’d also take hockey season over summer. Then again I could fall victim of taking to many pucks to the noggin

  2. It’s Labour Day, summer’s over. Time for hockey. Skip the useless boring pre-season and let’s start the real stuff.

  3. Dennis,

    Bring on Toronto is right, especially the Halloween game when Mikey returns to the Bell Centre. That’s the only time I will condone booing.

    GO HABS!!! & go ducks…..

  4. Moey, I hope your cheering for the Ducks because of Koivu.. :p

    You are not a loyal Habs fan!

    Just kidding, haha. You know WAY more than me about the Habs

  5. Komasarik was ok when he was with the Habs,booing will only look bad for Hab fans.He left ,and we don’t know the reason why.Maybe Gainey wasn’t offering what Komy thought he was worth,thats why Kovalev wound up in Montreal.Free agency has taken alot out of the game ,but is neccesary to allow players to carry on their carreers in other cities when they aren’t being played.The best thing is for Montreal to win against the makebeliefs and Komy play a good game.

  6. I wasn’t a Komisarek fan, Derry. Too many bad passes, too many mistakes. And he didn’t take out Lucic. Truthfully, I’m glad he’s gone.

  7. DK, I was in Orillia the last two day’s & after Lawrence’s post 100% are now taking extra strong Anicin,& what ever else they can get thier hands on !! Someone’s got to tie this guy’s fingers together so as not to post such drival, come on summer or Hockey it’s a no brainer GO HABS GO !!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!

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