It’s Sunday. I Should Be Getting Ready To Watch……..

If someone would have had the foresight to blow up Olympic Stadium in Montreal’s east end about 20 years ago, I might be settling in on this quiet Sunday to watch my Expos take on the Cubbies or Mets or Cards or Dodgers, and as usual I’d be concentrating on every pitch, getting wrapped up in my favourite ball team and favourite summer sport.

If Olympic Stadium hadn’t been such a huge echo chamber void of soul and any baseball atmosphere whatsoever, more people might have paid their fifteen bucks to go out and watch the marvelous team housed there. But they stayed away because the place was horrible, with a big orange roof hovering above that sometimes ripped, and seats with such a gradual incline that one could sit just ten rows above the dugout and feel like it was a mile away.

If Montreal politicians would have built a smaller, baseball-friendly park in the downtown area, maybe young Washington Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg might be taking to the mound today in Expos colours and we move closer to our TV’s to watch, or see him in living colour.

If Steve Rogers wasn’t brought in to pitch to the Dodgers’ Rick Monday in 1981 and hadn’t given up the home run that blew the Expos chance to win the pennant and play in the World Series, maybe with magical success such as what could have been, the Expos might still be around.

I mourn the Expos often. Maybe it’s because of all that went with it. My kids were young, I was young, and we were a happy little family in a nice little house in Ottawa. Life was a lovely thing indeed. Now, that lovely little wife I had back then is no longer my wife, and my son and I are having some problems. On the bright side, my daughter, who was so little when Tim Raines was stealing bases and Tim Wallach was picking off liners at third base, has given me three beautiful little rugrats. And these little beauties replace sadness with immense joy.

I miss that team which was so good and so exciting and I think I know how Brooklyn fans must have felt when their Dodgers left for the west coast. And I understand how hearts were broken in Quebec and Winnipeg when their beloved hockey teams left.

Sometimes, in life and in sports, we have to turn a very thick page.

6 thoughts on “It’s Sunday. I Should Be Getting Ready To Watch……..”

  1. Hey Dennis, I’m not a ball fan at all,but I miss the Expos as well.You are quite correct in saying this about the “Big O “.I was there in 08 for the Grey Cup and it still had a torn roof.There were very little in the way of bathrooms and the concessions werent all that great either.I was impressed by the size of it though and marvelled at the building itself from the outside.It’s to bad that it cost so much to build.

  2. Hi Derry. The Big O just lacked so much atmosphere. I was at Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium and they both felt like real ballparks. Big O didn’t at all and so nobody went to games.

  3. How’s the weather out your way, Dennis?

    I’m day two into a solid weekend of sunshine and pool time.

    I’m enjoying this, because Ottawa weather being what it is, it might not last long.

    And with that, I’ll thank you for what I feel is one of your best posts (and I don’t watch baseball).

    Cheers from Nepean.

  4. Thanks, Subdoxastic. We’re still waiting for some kind of extended hot weather but it hasn’t come yet, although it’s nice here on the coast. Just not hot. At least it’s not raining. I read somewhere recently that Powell River has one of the warmest climates in the country which is nice, but I’d like a few days where we can really say we’re in summer. Maybe next week. Maybe next year?

  5. u are so right about the big o………. when i lived in l.a. i went to dodger stadium often, especially when then expos were in town. dodger stadium is a real ball park and dodger dogs just tasted fantastic there, maybe because of the great baseball atmosphere……………….. too hard to get tickets when valenzuela was pitching tho.

  6. Hobo, I’ve wanted to see Dodger stadium all my life. Maybe I’ll get the chance.

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