It’s Remarkable How Everything Just Went Down The Toilet

Update on the going-to-the-Island-to-see-a-specialist-about-my-eyeball-problem.

The ferry was full and I didn’t get on. The car directly in front of me was the last to fill it up.

I repeat – I didn’t get on the #&%&$#$ ferry. And I’m a ^%$#*&#*ferry worker.

Go Habs.

7 thoughts on “It’s Remarkable How Everything Just Went Down The Toilet”

  1. DK: Lawrence must have been working that day & said the ferrie was full !
    I told you in the past to throw him over-board,by the way let Lawrence know the the new in thing is not swimming with the Dolfins , it’s swimming with the ORCA !!! Tell him to give it a shot .
    Cheers from the East & congrat’s keep up the Great Work !!!!!

  2. You’re my friend, and you’re in a higher place. Thanks Moeman, you know your hockey.

  3. For those who don’t know, Mike is my old buddy who went through the 1960’s wars with me.

  4. So Dennis, what’s Plan B? Gotta keep those peepers in fine shape to watch the slapshots and the women in bikinis.

    Keep me up to date on this pressing matter.

  5. Thanks Di. Another appointment next week and I’ll know better then. I think it’s those black and yellow uniforns that are blinding me.

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