It’s Only Just The Waiting (For A Win)

Where have I been the last 24 hours?

I’ve been here, but I made a conscientious decision to stay quiet. There’s nothing more to say. We’ve been over everything possible about the Habs in this do-or-die game five. We’ve concluded that more scorers must score, Jaroslav Halak must be brilliant, our special teams must be unwavering, our defence strong.

We’ve gone over PK Subban and Jacques Martin and Mike Richards and sand on skate blades and Kate Smith and scoring the first goal and motivating Tomas Plekanec and Benoit Pouliot and Andre Kostitsyn.

It’s all been said.

I pray they play like they did in game three. Because if they do, they’ll win. If not, it’s off to the golf course.

Go Habs. Get the first goal and the second and the third. Bring this thing back to Montreal for game six.

4 thoughts on “It’s Only Just The Waiting (For A Win)”

  1. One of the thumb tacks holding my Habs flag onto the bulletin board in my office fell off.
    I just noticed it. It must have been like that for a couple of days.
    That’s why we lost game four.
    I fixed it.
    We’ll be okay now.

    Habs in seven.

  2. Excellent, Danno. Am I ever glad you caught it in time. Imagine if you would have only noticed it next month?

  3. We cant expect to win when only half our team is playing well. The Flyers on the other hand are getting great performances from everyone, even guys like Hartnell and Asham. They have everyone on the same page, Habs unfortunately didnt from the start of the series.

    Well done Habs for a great playoff run, you deserve respect.

  4. Harrow 15, you’re absolutely right. We had guys who were way too quiet. But we’re a good team and now we know it.

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