It’s Not Over Till The Fat Scrapbook Sings

I sincerely hope you’re not getting bored with the continuing saga of “The Scrapbook.” I know the players are of long ago, but as many of you already know, it’s a very important thing for me.

The player taking the shot from well out is Bobby Rousseau scoring on a penalty shot. It’s one of my favourite pictures, because Rousseau had the balls to take this long shot and he pulled it off.

At the bottom is a newspaper item I glued in years later because I had an open spot on a page for some reason. It’s a gathering of the clan, retired Canadiens players from the 50’s who had enjoyed five straight Stanley Cups, telling the team of the 80’s to put a stop to the madness in Long Island, where the Islanders were winning 4 Stanley Cups. 

And as I always like to say, you can see previous scrapbook pages by simply going over to “Categories” on the right side and clicking on “The Old Scrapbook.”


6 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Till The Fat Scrapbook Sings”

  1. That Rosseau penalty shot goal came in his rookie year.

    He was a great scorer, but often underappreciated by the Habs faithful for his reluctance to take a hit and his use of a helmet.

  2. Hi Kevin. I always liked Rousseau because he had so much skill and such a great shot. A fairly skinny guy too. He was the golf pro at course at Ste. Hyacinthe and when I was 14 I spent a month there with a French family on this English-French student exchange, and I went to the golf course hoping to see him. Didn’t happen, though.

  3. Dennis, a scrapbook is made for holding mere scraps of paper. But this book contains priceless golden memories. It’s really the goldenbook.

  4. Ah I am so depressed. This book is too much. I really think you should have this bound and protected. This is gold!

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