It’s Not Licensed But It’s Still Gonna Be Good

The brand new Tim Horton’s is getting close to being finished, and many Powell Riverites can’t wait. I know I’m ready for a chicken salad sandwich and a Boston creme donut.

This is a pretty big thing for Powell River. We had a Robin’s Donuts but it closed down a couple of years ago. Now we’re getting the creme de la creme of Canadian donut shops.

Powell River is getting ready to roll up the rim to win. Heady times indeed.

9 thoughts on “It’s Not Licensed But It’s Still Gonna Be Good”

  1. It took a while but it’s just about ready to serve Tim Bits. I actually wrote to them after Robin’s closed and here’s what I got back.

    Dear Rob,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to write to us with your
    Powell River, B.C location suggestion as well as for your valued patronage.

    There are no current plans for a location in Powell River but may be
    considered again in the near future.

    Your suggestion has been forwarded to our Real Estate Department for their review and consideration. It is through feedback from valued customers,such as yourself, that we are continually able to grow as a company.

    If you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to
    contact us.

    Kind Regards,

    Operations Services
    The TDL Group Corp.

    ps Dennis, you offered to buy me the first coffee-remember!!!!!!

  2. Good for you, Beatnik. You played a part in gertting it here. They should put a picture of you on the wall beside Tim Horton.

  3. First Tim Horton’s? No Timmy’s for over 30 kms? Dennis I don’t know how you survived. Here we rarely have to go more than a block to find one and then usually we’ll find one on each side of the street.

  4. Yeah, Chris. We have to take a ferry if we want to go to Tim’s. Not anymore, though!

  5. That was sent to T/H’s in Jan 2008.
    A picture of the new owner of the Habs would look much better and ya still owe me a coffee when they open!!!!

  6. Congrats! Hope you enjoy it.

    And you guys are so cool! If you can get a Timmy’s, maybe you could help the Habs get a Cup? (No pun intended.)

  7. Thanks, Habby. Next year the Cup will be ours. Just a few little moves here and there. And we’d still be in it if other forwards with Cammy and Gionta contributed. Two or three more guys scoring on a semi-regular basis and we’re still in it.

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