It’s Not Just In Montreal

Before the season began, fans of the Vancouver Canucks, and the media covering the team, were suggesting that the Canucks were a possible Stanley Cup contender and that Roberto Luongo was definitely the best goalie in the league.

Then they lost the first game. After that, people were wondering what’s wrong with the Canucks, the team’s in trouble and even washed up, and Mike Gillis should trade Luongo.

And now they’ve lost their second game.

10 thoughts on “It’s Not Just In Montreal”

  1. Just goes to show that people are insane everywhere. You shouldn’t be allowed to bitch or get scared till about 20 games in, if you still suck then hit the panic button.

  2. I think there’s 2 separate issues.

    Some people will complain about anything, even after wins. Sucking early in the season doesn’t matter much, a few minor tweaks can lead to Stanley as evidenced by Pittsburgh last year.

    A legitimate complaint is the effect of receiving guaranteed long-term contracts. Luongo is one of the best and will always desperately want to win the Cup. But the assurance of having such a contract will undoubtedly affect his incentive to perform to full potential.

  3. You put a winner in the building and people will come. The southern teams are in trouble cause they all universally suck. Phoenix has been awful forever, ditto Atlanta, Florida and Tampa with exception for their cup year.

  4. Even Washington, although not a southern city, has gone from crazy for their Caps. Because they’re a good team now.

  5. Damn I love Gionta…and Moen. Our 2 best signing in years, guys who show up and leave it all on the ice.

  6. I agree. I’m just writing about them now. Price too. But Metropolis and O’Byrne got hurt.

  7. Deffinitely not the start i was hopeing for with the canucks. Good thing were only 2 games in and i’d like to think most canucks fans arnt hitting the panic button yet. At least they played hard today, sometimes you just dont get the breaks.

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