It’s Not A Controversy. It’s Just A Team Trying To Do Well


The goaltending thing in Montreal isn’t a controversy like the media is playing it up to be. Whether it’s perfectly okay to wipe Jarkko Ruutu’s smile off his face with a sharpened blade might be considered a controversy. Letting the Leafs play in the NHL could be considered a controversy. Awarding Dave Schultz the Lady Byng trophy when he roamed the ice for the Broad Street Bullies would have probably been contoversial.

But all Montreal is doing is going with the guy who has been in nets when the team is winning a few games. It’s not that difficult. My sister might have come up with the same strategy.

Carey Price will be back in nets soon. He’s not creating any controversy by threatening to go to Russia or demanding a trade. He’s just sitting on the bench for now. And it’s not because Jaroslav Halak has been standing on his head that he remains in goal. The team has rebounded because the forwards and defence are beginning to gel, are finding their place, have become more comfortable around teammates who were recently strangers, and are finally beginning to understand what coach Jacques Martin is asking them to do – that is, take care of the defensive aspects, get the shots-against down, and don’t leave the goalie hanging out to dry.

All of which they didn’t do in Vancouver.

If Price was in nets for the last four games, they might have won like they’ve won with Halak. They’re just playing better hockey as a team, and it’s been good for Halak. But he’s just been good, not great so far. He’s been there and done the job, but his timing is right too. He’s the guy in nets when the the boys in front of him decided to play a little.

There’s no controversy. If we heard Price ranting and raving, then there might be. But he’s a team player and he understands the situation.

We could see him very soon because it’s not hard to understand that he needs to get some games in. And when we do see him, hopefully we see a solid netminder. Wouldn’t it be something if both our goalies did a huge job and we were absolutely comfortable and content when either started a game?

Carey Price, if his fragile confidence doesn’t take many more hits, is the future of the team. At least this is what’s expected of him. Most understand that, including Halak. I’m sure everyone’s fine with this. Although it’s human nature to want to be the number one guy, which of course Halak would want. But you can’t always get what you want.

And thank goodness for Halak. He’s been steady, he’s been good, and from time to time he’s been lucky. He’s done all that has been asked so far. And Price will do the same.

As an aside: Now I’m reading about the possibility that the Habs are showcasing Halak to make a trade and I don’t buy it.  Make the Price the go-to guy like before, when he’s still trying to find himself?  If they are, I’d be surprised. Unless, of course, they plan on bringing in another solid goalie as part of the big, overall deal.

 It’s all too much. My brain is hurting.

17 thoughts on “It’s Not A Controversy. It’s Just A Team Trying To Do Well”

  1. Thats probably one of the biggest changes i’ve seen between this years, and last years coaching. Martin ignores all the pressure of playing price.

    PS. Your title has a typo, “controversy”

  2. I think it’s going to be ongoing for most of the year. Who will play, who won’t. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s healthy to see two goalies going after icetime.

  3. Having 2 goalies able to go is a good thing. I like the idea of splitting their duties. Too often goalies seem physically and emotionally exhausted come playoffs.
    Paying for two #1s is not practical. I expect Halak will be traded before the start of next year. Both will be RFAs, both will be given qualifying offers and both will want major raises.

  4. Chris, If and when I’m back in the ownership race, I might need you to help out with the general managing. I’ll be busy with the wives.

  5. Wow, Carey Price said that Halak should stay in net ’cause he’s on a hot streak right now. I agree with him, but i’m so surprised how unselfish and mature he is for a 22 year old. I’m glad he’s taking it the right way. It could’ve gone ugly if he were to get pissed about it.

    That’s what so great about Jacques Martin, he doesn’t crack to the pressure of playing Carey, he does what he thinks is logical. Carbonneau and Gainey were too conservative to take risks or were too afraid to be criticized

  6. I think MAYBE Price knows something that isn’t public yet. Which is why he is being so gracious. There were rumours of Edmonton and then Chicago having an interest in Halak. And besides, what good would come of sulking, pouting and acting like a big baby? – like the Costly-Sins Brothers…

  7. I hope it’s all just chatter. I would love to see us keep two top notch goalies. What is not to like about that? There is the salary issue however…

  8. Danno – I don’t quite understand all the issues with the cap and such, but I really see no reason why two good goalies can’t remain with one team. Christopher was mentioning that both Price and Halak will be RFA’s and will be asking for big, healthy raises, but will they? Maybe if both take us to the promised land, but I’m not sure if a big raise is meant to be just yet.

  9. DK, Quit steeling lines from the “Rolling Stones” ! I guess I’m showing my age ” you can’t always get what you want,but sometimes you get just what you need” !
    Your Bud from the East , Les Canadiens Sont La .

  10. You know what? I should have bid $26 and had him become a Habs fan. I would’ve been worth it. Damn.

  11. Maybe you can get in touch with the highest bidder and negotiate with him for the rights on our behalf. It would be worth it. Let me know how much $ you need to swing the deal.

  12. Dennis I’d love to help you with GMing, but I have to warn you, I’m a cheap bastard. You may end up with a team full of economical 2nd and 3rd line role players. And just for you before signing a player I’d insist on meeting the wife to ensure she’s worthy of your time.

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