It’s Nice To Get Mail From Time To Time

As my blog gets more and more hits, readers from everywhere have begun to weigh in. Here’s some testimonials sent in that I’d like to share with you. 

Pope Benedict XVI  – I finally got my satellite dish and lazy-boy set up in the Vatican, so now I’ll be able to concentrate more on my Canadiens. But I’ve been able to keep up with them because of your heavenly blog. God bless you. And I pray Sean Avery and Jarkko Ruutu never play on our team.

Vladimir Putin  –  Nice blog. Da, nice blog. Maybe you must mention my thoughts on the team. Maybe comrade Gainey could bring up young Grabovski from Hamiltongrad and put him on a line with comrades Kovalev and Begin. We could call it the KGB line!  Hah!

Sophia Loren  – When I read your blog, especially the part about you, I get sort of…….warm all over! Excuse me, there’s something I must do.

Red Fisher  – Dennis, would you mind terribly if I retired and you took over my job?

George W. Bush  –  Just read about that Ovechkin scoring four goals against my Habs. I’ve got a lovely suite waiting for him at Guantanamo Bay.

Bin Laden  – Hockey really isn’t my number one sport, I prefer sharpshooting. But I have to say I like the way those young Kostitsyn’s are playing. They look familiar to me. Is it possible I shot one of their relatives in Afghanistan?

Bob Dylan  – Man, the Habs are a new team this year. What an improvement! The times, they are a changin. PS. Far out blog. One of these days I’ll tell you about the great road hockey games we have with Robbie and Garth and the boys.

Pamela Anderson  – Hey Loren. I was reading Dennis’ blog before you. Back off.

6 thoughts on “It’s Nice To Get Mail From Time To Time”

  1. Hi,

    I have been a Habs fan all my life. (and being raised as a youngster in Toronto, I found it was not the popular or easy way to go). The idea that the Habs are retiring Roys number really pisses me off. It would be a better idea to hang Roy from the rafters of the Bell Centre than his sweater.

  2. We at HABS INSIDE/OUT WANT Roys nuber retired, or we should give the two banners he won almost single handedly back. Montreal wont go anywhere with this current management.

  3. What does current management have to do with Roy’s number retired, aside from the fact that they’ve decided to retire it, just like you wanted?

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