It’s My Party And I’ll Rant If I Want To

Rant time:

The old ’86 Plymouth shitbox I bought for $650 three months ago as a work car didn’t start this morning for the second time in two days, and I’m in a lousy mood. So I thought I’d add this while I’m waiting to go out and howl at the moon.

People like Gary Bettman at NHL headquarters and Brian Burke in Toronto think they run the league. They walk around and come across in interviews as purely self-centred, with “I’m smart and you’re not” attitudes. Well, they don’t run the league, they’re only paid monkeys who are allowed to make as many mistakes as they can and still hold their jobs. They’re much smarter about being lawyers and evading subjects like a good politician than they are about being hockey men.

The ones who really know about the NHL are the players and coaches. They make the world go around, not Bettman and Burke. And it’s not just players and coaches either. It’s also trainers and scouts and fans and beat writers. Bettman and Burke are almost nothing. All they are are arrogant and self-centred who happened to find themselves now in a position of mostly self-made power, where one man can decide for himself that cities in hot climates will definitely be hockey towns and refuses to budge on this position, and another who holds grudges (see Kevin Lowe), and talks to interviewers and to us thought the camera like he has all the answers, and talks down to us and doesn’t really have time for us.

These are not two of my favourite guys. I believe Bettman is hurting the league, and I’ve never had time for arrogant people in any walk of life. And Burke, (and his coach Ron Wilson) are as arrogant as you get. Remember Brian, we all shop at the same grocery store.

This is my rant and I feel much better now. Now I’ve decided to scrap the $650 car and buy one for a little more money. You get what you pay for, right? And maybe I’ll hold off on howling at the moon.

12 thoughts on “It’s My Party And I’ll Rant If I Want To”

  1. I think the shit box doesn’t owe you much.

    I’ll miss car pooling in that puppy, wondering if I’d make it to work…….and more importantly whether I’d get home!

  2. Dennis,

    Its funny you mention Brian Burke in the post. I was just talking about him yesterday about how I used to think he was the best GM in the league while he was with the canucks, now my blood boils in anger every time he opens his big mouth. He has got to be one of the most egotistical people on the planet. He would be definitely be better suited in a court room then a general manager of a hockey team. I wont even get started on gary bettman.

  3. Why don’t you ask the over qualified, pompous douche Demers for a sliver of that $130,000 he’s making. Hell I’m sure all of us could put it to better use than that washed up hack.

  4. Burke’s an ass. In saying that, I have this niggiling sensation at the back of my neck that the leafs will kick the crap out of us every time we play them. It CAN’T happen, the torture I will have to endure from leaf fans and the smug looks on Wilson and Burke’s faces would be too much to bear. I’m dreading it, I hope we blow them out of the rink on Oct. 1.

  5. Toronto and Boston are the two teams more than any other that need to get their asses kicked by the Habs. And yes, Montreal’s had their troubles with both lately, bu this year is going to be different. (I hope.)

  6. Is that the politician 130,000 or the analyst 130,000? What’s so silly is after he was appointed Senator, he said he’d have to start reasding some history books. Maybe you and I could be senators too!

  7. burke is a blowhard, he’s the perfect representation of pure leaf/toronto arrogance and subsequent continuous failure. The Bs are our real rivals. The leaf’s nearly-half century of futility has prevented a Habs v. TML rivalry to have any real meaning. Those jackwads couldn’t even beat the L.A. Kings in 1993 to meet us in the Finals. I don’t think gretzky beat them, I think they were scared shi!tless to meet the Habs. Roy et al. would’ve bagged it in 4 straight.

  8. I like Burke, he makes things interesting. Your one bright spot is that he won’t last indefinitely in Toronto. Leaf fans like to think their team is getting better and Burke is just the latest GM to provide this illusion. Unless a miracle happens and the Leafs win, eventually Leaf fans will need a new excuse for losing. Past results show that except for a return to Toronto, oblivion is the next stop after Toronto.

    Bettman is different. He was hired as a lightning rod for fan’s displeasure protecting the owners from their incompetent mismanagement. The more fans hate him, the happier the owners are with him. He’s just their impotent little puppet.

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