It’s My Blood Pressure And I’ll Let It Rise If I Want To

Why am I in a lousy mood on this Saturday in the middle of winter when I have a day off and I get to go to the Gary Lupul tribute game at the rink tonight and eat popcorn? Is it because the Habs lost 3-2 in overtime to the Ottawa Senators? Yep, that’s one reason.

Is it because I’m tired of writing about the team losing? You bet I am.

Is it because the Habs have lost 9 of their last 13 games? See above question.

Is it because it looks like Mike Cammalleri has done serious damage to his foot or ankle? Yep, another.

Is it because Jason Spezza walked around Hal Gill and Marc-Andre Bergeron like they were statues? Of course.

Is it because I hate Carrie Underwood’s singing and her boyfriend Mike Fisher won it for the Sens in overtime? Again, ditto.

So, because I’m in a nasty mood, I think I’ll just let off steam if you don’t mind. And who will I pick on? People who have remained quiet, thankfully, but who deserve to be picked on anyway.

Question to the mindless, low I.Q., classless freaks who in the past have torched cars, overturned police cruisers, and looted stores in downtown Montreal after the team has won a playoff series. Why would you do all that when the Canadiens win and but you now remain quiet like Tibetan monks when the team is losing on an almost nightly basis?

Not that you should be doing it at anytime but I’m curious.

I also wonder how you’ve managed to stay alive all your years without walking in front of a bus or diving off the Jacques Cartier bridge because you were hot and wanted to cool off. I just question your reasons and timing. You don’t even know when to riot.

Now repeat after me – “I-get-angry-when-the-team-is-doing-poorly-not-when-they-win-a-playoff-series.

Got that?

Now go and stand in front of a bus. Or brush your tooth. Or brush your mother’s tooth.

You guys make the Trailer Park Boys look like a collection of Einsteins.

Random Notes:

Habs host the Canucks on Tuesday. I have nothing to say about this other than the Habs host the Canucks on Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “It’s My Blood Pressure And I’ll Let It Rise If I Want To”

  1. As much as I swear I will not follow the Habs anymore I still find myself dragged back in the faint hope that they will do well. Once in a while like in the last game versus the Rangers they fool me and I end up watching for 60 minutes and actually enjoying the game of hockey. Even though todays game was close on the score sheet it was a sad game of hockey Montreal played. The difference between the level of skill and grit is so different between the teams. Montreal can roll two decent lines ( minus the two top six forwards now out) but still be pushed to the outside by other teams. The D plain old sucks for the most part. They are to slow and unable to get that pass out. In fact far to many of the teams passes are off the mark. And the system sucks big time. Good cooahes would use a system that would make use of what they have and there are a lot of teams in this league that do not have as good a collection of D-men as Montreal but they play a smarter and more effective system with what they do have.Its gone way past being discouraged by what I see and hear with the games. Its downright depressing. The best part of this season coming up will be seeing how Gainey ( or other) can put the extra pieces together while working with the cap.

  2. Don, thanks for that. I’m discouraged too and still think they’re going to play better but they continue to let me down except for those two in New Jersey and New York. But I agree with what you say, the passes are off, the grits not there, the D-men aren’t utilized properly. Don Cherry just said on Coach’s Corner that the Habs played great today. I looked at my wife and asked what game were we watching, a different one and a different Montreal Canadiens than the one Don saw? So what that they came back to tie it, if that’s what Cherry is talking about. They didn’t play well, they just played better than in Florida. And that’s not saying a lot.

  3. Problem is what was Gill doing on the ice to begin with during 4 on 4 OT. I like Gill, but he has his role, and that’s far from it. OT is for the more skilled, more mobile, less pylony defence. He was probably on because the others were probably exhausted. Markov had no legs left for the winning goal. I’m also worried by how much Markov is pinching in. Racing up to the goal means that much farther to race back if he doesn’t score.
    He’s not to blame, but of all the defence call-ups, I’ve been least impressed with Weber. I’ve never seen Henry play, but to play that long and not be a scorer means he’s probably fairly steady. Maybe he could have a good couple of adrenaline filled games like Darche.

  4. My brother said that somehow, someone will find a way to blame Carey Price for this. You know, like, “HE WAS ON THE BENCH! TALKING WITH A TRAINER! WEARING A TUQUE! HOW DARE HE WEAR A TUQUE! I BET HIS TUQUE WAS DUSTED WITH CURSES! TRADE HIM AND PLEKANEC FOR LECAVALIER!!!1” That sort of drivel.

    If you must know, the reason Habs fans in Montreal don’t “riot” in times like this is because they don’t exit the Bell Center in a frenzy crowd but rather quietly go home, therefore there’s not crowd for the anarchist or organized crime can’t incite a riot as the fans are too bummed to care. Instead they clamor on radio talk shows and spout idiocy about firing and trading or troll the internets. (Though I can get behind firing Martin, who seems to have no idea how to use his players properly…)

    …Caaaaaaammy T_T

  5. Was at the game yesterday at Scotiabank Place with about 10,000 Hab fans. It was like playoff hockey once again.
    The joint was rocking. Give Hab fans credit…..they bring an atmosphere to the rink like no other team can. Us fair weather Sens fans tend to sit on our butts and cheer only at the appropriate times.But yesterday was great fun and this game day experience was one for the books. Can only imagine what it would be like to sit in the Bell Center and watch a game in an environment like that for 42 games a year. I am envious.
    Keep the faith Hab fans.
    Cheers!!!! JW.

  6. Hi Jim. I thought the Sens pretty well bottled up Montreal all night. But I’d like to ask you – as a Sens fan, did you like Jacques Martin when he was coaching there?

  7. Good one, 31. And your brother’s right. And the fans? They’re too bummed to care and they only destroy property when they’re happy.

  8. JW – the Bell Center is always rocking. However, the crowd is too hostile. One goal against and it’s BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. There are way too many idiots that go to the Bell Center but the other city Habs fans are great. Maybe ’cause they don’t live here (for the most part). Or the pure Habs fan that follows the team with a willingness to go to another city is a great Habs fan and not some temporary-UsedToBe-Nordiques fan. (Which there are a lot of, and of which are the biggest morons of them all).

  9. Dennis. As to your question about Jacques Martin, I always liked him as a coach. I was sorry to see him go. His only failing was he couldn’t beat the friggin Leafs in the playoffs when I would have bet my last dollar that we were the better team. Unfortunately, they always had the superior goal tending. JW.

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