It’s Me Of Course

It bothers me like crazy that people think this is Bobby Hull on the farm in Point Anne when it’s obviously me just a handful of years ago, shoveling coal in the Empress of England boiler room.

It was hot work, but an important job nonetheless. How would people sail to England and back if I didn’t feed the furnace?

And basically, the only differences between then and now is slightly less hair, probably a bigger stomach, possibly thinner arms and narrower shoulders, a couple of wrinkles instead of bulging veins, and I never wear white pants anymore.


6 thoughts on “It’s Me Of Course”

  1. I’ve heard stories about a small but shifty winger from Orillia who after spending a summer shovelling coal on an ocean liner turned into an all-star with a 100 mph slapshot. Unfortunately when he was drafted by the Black Hawks, he gave up hockey rather than play against the Canadiens.

  2. Thanks for the tip about The Crease I have not read. Nor did I know about Clint Malarchuk. The pieces will accumulate. In the last two days I interviewed two old timers (defined in this case as fans in their 70’s who know the game) asking the same question and what’s interesting is that no one can say for sure. I might be on wild goose chase. After you mentioned Brodeur I researched and he’s not had injuries that effected his career in the same way they have Price thus far. But I’ve only begun and I am limiting my research to N.H.L Thanks for your support!~

  3. And that’s was me of course, Christopher. How could I score three or four goals each game against the Habs? It was too much to ask.

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