It’s Labour Labor Day Weekend

Yes it is, Labour Day weekend. Or Labor Day if you happen to live in the States.

Why don’t we all just spell it the same way? We’re on the same continent, with an invisible border and a shared dislike of Gary Bettman, Paris Hilton and politicians. People in Russia or Slovenia can’t tell the difference between a person from Brandon and one from Salt Lake City. That guy playing shortstop may be Canadian, could be American. We only know from his birth certificate and his preference for weaker or stronger beer.

But Canadians add the letter ‘u’ to some words, like labour, favourite, savour. It’s an old English thing. Did Queen Victoria force us to do this or she’d have our heads cut off?

On this Labour/Labor Day weekend, with everyone out buying school clothes and boarding up the cabin or having one last three-day summer drunk, should I even bother to write some kind of long-winded thing about the Habs that you may not read anyway, or should I just do this?

10 thoughts on “It’s Labour Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Hey Dennis, I dont understand the reason for the word games that they play down there,I think it makes us Canadiens a character that can never be matched.I like the way we do things here, I love being a CANADIAN. I like to think here are a lot of disimilarities between us and them,they have george bush and gary bettman,we have Bobby Orr and Mario Lemieux. They may take the “U” out of labor but we don’t take the “O” out of country

  2. Dennis, did you hear the one about the guy who finds a lantern on the beach and rubs it and wouldn’t you know it, out pops a genie.
    The genie says, “Thank you for releasing me from my lantern. Now, I must grant you one wish. Master, your wish is my command.”
    The guy thinks about it for a while and says, “Okay, I want to live forever.”
    The genie says, “Sorry, bud I can’t grant that type of wish.”
    The guy says “Fine. In that case Genie, just make sure I die after the Leafs win the Stanley Cup.”
    “You are one crafty son of a gun aren’t you?” said the genie.

  3. Thanks for that, Danno. You and I are getting things prepped up for opening night. Poor Leafs. They need a hug.

  4. Danno, I hate to think how many people will die of a heart attack should the Leafs make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

  5. C.C. — Steve Harper better get on that right away. Cancel the fighter jet project, run up a huge deficit, do whatever it takes and allocate new health care funding to deal with all those Leafs fans who will surely croak in their pathetic millions should they make it to the playoffs.
    Yes. He better get on that right away… 🙂

  6. Danno, I think Harper’s already on it. He is a Leaf fan. He’s already run up a $50B annual deficit.

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