5 thoughts on “It’s Hull, Not Me”

  1. Oh Mr. Kane, I’m glad you haven’t changed that much.
    Your still a big dreamer and a wannabe BlackHawk.
    Actually when I first met you I thought you were a Sutter boy from Hanna, dumb look on your face, big ugly ears on your head and knew nothing about hockey. Have a nice day.

  2. Eric, a wannabe Blackhawk? Big ugly ears? Dumb look? That’s exactly what I told Carla about you. You be nice. I’ve been hoping to see you again for many years now. But you won’t give me any information.

  3. Eric, I remember when we went to that oldtimers game in Calgary when Hull was coaching and you went up to your old hero and gave him shit about something. Carla just shook her head.

  4. When we lived in Montreal..my sister had a girlfriend who had an affair with Bobby Hull when the Hawks were in town playing the Habs…and always remarked on his toothless smile…maybe she put a bag over his head while he shot and scored!

  5. I’ve always heard that the guy was a skirt chaser, Ed. He probably had a gal in every city, especially when he was a young Hawk. But what a great player he was. What a shot. Always signed every last autograph, with beautiful handwriting and a smile.

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