It’s Happened Before

Sadly, the jet going down in Russia isn’t the first time air disaster involving hockey players has struck that part of the world.

Joe Pelletier tells us of two other occurrences from years ago, one in Czechoslovakia 1948 Czech Air Disaster, when six players perished, and the other in Russia 1950 Soviet Air Disaster , when a plane carrying Soviet players to London crashed and 19 people lost their lives, 11 of which were players.

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  1. Russian television’s English language service (RT) has a report on the beautiful and dignified tribute the KHL held in the hockey arena in Minsk – where Lokomotiv was to play the opening game of the season against Dynamo Minsk. It looks at thousands of mourners – fans, family and friends – will be coping with the loss of their beloved team. It also has comments from Russian goalie legend Vladislav Tretiak as well as KHL President Alexander Medved….

    From RT: League Solidarity: Rivals Unite to Rebuild Fallen Team

    Sadly, this whole tragedy might have been avoided if not for a sudden schedule change.

    Lokomotiv was initially supposed to play a home game for their season opener. But the KHL changed the schedule for security reasons as a result of a major political conference being held in Jaroslavl.


    Lokomotiv flew to Minsk because of Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum:

  2. Dennis, here is another report from RT which shows the town of Jaroslavl in mourning and also includes a look at Maksim Zyuzyakin who was the only Lokomotiv player to stay behind This is because the coach told the forward to rest and to meet up with the team for Lokomotiv’s next game in Moscow.

    From RT: Yaroslavl mourns Lokomotiv ‘family’

  3. Danno, thanks for finding this and passing it along. It’s so moving. This has been such a heartbreaking story. Just so sad.

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