It’s Game One, And I’m Growing My Playoff Beard

  Opening round GAME 1

The idea is to get rid of Boston as quickly as possible. Smash them, dazzle them, and confuse them. Overpower them, upset them, anger them, and frustrate them. Kick them, bite them, gouge them, and stick your fingers in their eyes. (just make sure the ref’s not watching.)

Take them out in four games. Stay healthy, and get Koivu back.  Mike Komisarek, an extremely important piece of the pie, is ready to go. Not sure about Ryder and Bouillin. But these are Montreal Canadiens players, not Buffalo Sabres or Pittsburgh Penguins or Toronto Maple Leafs players. These are Habs. They wear the CH. They’ll be back, stronger than ever.

It’s three hours until game time. I’ve been growing my playoff whiskers since last night, and I won’t be shaving until….sometime tomorrow!

LIKE SOME SORT OF TIME-TRAVEL MACHINE, IT’S NOW 3 HOURS LATER, AND THE GAME HAS BEGUN. Another in a long line of Boston-Montreal matchups. Boston has the freak of nature, the behemoth Zdeno Chara. I say grab a chain saw and cut him down to a more normal size.

The dramatic beginning of the telecast, when the teams were waiting in the corridor to go out on the ice, was spine-tingling.

You don’t need me to go over the game. You saw it, or watched Sportscentre or something. The Habs got it done. They dominated.

Montreal 4, Boston, 1. Only fifteen more wins to hoist the Cup.

 Game notes: 

Bob Cole needs to be placed in an old folks home. 


4 thoughts on “It’s Game One, And I’m Growing My Playoff Beard”

  1. I sooo have to agree about poor Bob. He makes me wish I could understand French. Even not understanding, when I switch to RDS, it sounds better. He tries to be his own colour commentator, and he also natters on and on about the play that happened in one end when it is now in the other end.

  2. Anvilcloud, thanks for that. I think Bob’s been announcing since the Ottawa Silver Seven and the Renfrew Dairy Creamers played. It’s time to give it up.

  3. Bob Cole hates calling Habs games, unless they’re playing against the Leafs, in which case he gets to fanboy for about 3 hours.

  4. Bob Coles a dolt and a fan of any team playing Les Canadiens !!
    He tried most of the game until it was clear we were the better team to insist Boston was still in the game.The guys a joke !!!
    Onwards & upwards boy`s !!!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!

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