It’s Galchenyuk!

I haven’t been this excited about an entry draft in a long time. We know what this can mean for the club. A club that desperately needs a young star and game-breaker. Here’s hoping we got one.

Alex Galchenyuk’s named was called by Trevor Timmins, and add this to the Habs’ lineup – a highly-skilled, 6’2 centreman with all kinds of charisma, who plays a complete team game according to Craig Button, and who also has a good-looking mother and girlfriend.

Welcome to Montreal, Alex. Isn’t it a great thing that Andrei Kostitsyn and his brother aren’t there to lead him astray. And hopefully it’s sooner than later when he dons the CH and begins to set the world on fire. Maybe he could centre another bright light – Brendan Gallagher.

I talked about this guy the other day Going For Galchenyuk and I don’t want to repeat myself now. And I don’t want to get all warm and fuzzy about this pick, but I’ll say I’m very excited to say the least.  Number 3 picks don’t come along that often, unless you’re really lousy every year, and to get a quality, world-class, big centreman makes me all warm and fuzzy anyway.




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  1. Yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder, but TSN went negative about this pick fast. Thin resume? Great pick and his first interview to the Habs family started in French. The new leadership understands and has their head on straight… now there’s the UFA Russian with a bad rap from the Caps. Sign Semin, put him in the #46 and watch out…

  2. You nailed it Dennis. For me it was either Galchenyuk or Forsberg who dropped all the way to #11. I guess he’s not the top level player I was led to believe. My original choice, Grigorenko, dropped to #12 which isn’t all that surprising given recent reports.

  3. Hobo, I just saw that. Malcolm to the Bruins. It’s difficult to comment about this. All I know is, I hope Thomas falls flat on face wherever he ends up. And we know PK won’t let up because his brother’s in nets.

  4. This is a fantastic choice. Alexander Galchenyuk was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A…… Home of Harley Davidson. What could be more American than that.

  5. I am so happy with this choice. Do we ever have some mighty good players to look forward to. We’re finally seeing the end of the mediocore years. What a relief. We still have some ways to go, but we’ve managed to begin an upswing that should be pretty damn great to watch.

    Boston picking Subban is a riot. I wonder how the most psychotic Subban haters there feel about this right now. Shove it up your ass Jack Edwards!

  6. So you got him…I guess I will have to put up with Bozak as number one centre again next year ….

    My Leafs did well with Morgan Rielly…slick moving defenceman…some scouts had him ranked 3rd overall…

    Up next the free agency draft …….

  7. Hey Leaf Fan
    What is the take in leaf nation regarding Burkie’s double speak and BS about your first pick and why they didn’t trade up……. I know, I could just go to some stupid leaf blog but I would rather get the straight goods from a trustworthy closet habs fan.

  8. One day there will be a game between Montreal and Boston with a fierce goaltender’s duel between Carey Price and Malcom Subban.

    It goes into overtime, only to be settled in a shootout.

    Imagine the drama the moment Michel Therien sends PK out to score on his little brother…

    Everyone in the Bell Centre will be out of their seats.

  9. I had no idea the Davidsons were Jewish.

    With Thomas going and Subban on the bruins it is just a little harder to hate them. I’m sure we will find some new and improved ways……….. I would love to see Subban traded to the habs but not untill he is with the B’s for a while to make their repulsive fans squirm.

  10. Danno, thanks for the video. These are keepers to be looked at again several years from now when he’s setting the league on fire.

  11. Mike McKim, it’s true, they went on and on about a thin resume. Why don’t they just come out and say that a big, star centre is just what the doctor ordered.

  12. Chris, one of the neatest things was seeing the parents. I can only imagine the joy and pride.

  13. Darth, it is a riot that Boston got PK’s brother. It’s just great and they might have to tone it down now.

  14. Leaf Fan, yes, we got him and we’re going to feel terrible when we clobber those Leafs every game. For now, I’m wondering if he’ll play right away or in a year or two.

  15. Right on, Danno. PK won’t let up, he’ll do his best to score on his brother and beat those Bruin bastards. It’s really funny to see a Subban in Boston, of all places.

  16. hmm that next brawl with Malcolm and Price squaring off is interesting. With PK and Price best friends, it will be tamer than when Price embarrassed Thomas. Highly doubt Price would fight Malcolm. Maybe hold and clutch.

  17. Hobo,,,Burkie is quoted as saying Morgan Rielly is really the number one pick in the draft….His torn ACL dropped him down a few notches…

    Good god I hope his blather is right just this one time ………

  18. Leaf fan, often Burke blows smoke. Number 1 in the draft? Maybe among the other defencmen, maybe not. What about the high-powered forwards in the mix? Burke also raved about Komisarek a few years ago. And Colton Orr.

  19. Big trade in Leaf land …..Schenn for Van Riemsdyk

    Should be good for my Leafs….I think thats why Burke went with Morgan

    Rielly instead of a forward…

    god I wanted Galchenyuk….oh well slammed on the foot by Montreal again

    Malcolm Subban in nets for the Bruins …should be wild

  20. Leaf Fan

    I hate to break this to you bud, but Burkie is full of shit and flying by the seat of his large ass pants , which by the way, are full of doo doo. If you buy into his bullshit, I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale along with a smokin’ mutherf#$%^&* deal on Scott Gomez, from Alaska, U ass of A.

  21. hobo…I admit Burke is a blowbag but he is all I’ve got for now….I just want

    him to stock the Leafs and the Marlies with as many good prospects as

    possible for the future.

    As for who was the best in the draft…5 years will tell that story…

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