It’s Doing Pretty Good…..At Least It Themes Like It

No, the numbers aren’t up there with the big boys, but still, I’ve managed 1580 posts in 875 days and garnered nearly 350,000 hits and 10,500 comments while doing so.

It’s been a recipe of old and new of mostly Habness madness, plus various little stories involving my somewhat nutty and unusual past and somewhat nutty and unusual friends. I get out the blender and throw in chopped and diced pieces of my collection which has been a lifetime in the making, add various 1972 Summit Series ditties, and for good measure I sometimes yell and scream at the Habs for not making me happy at certain times of the year.

Of course, when the boys are having a good day and grab two big points, I find myself saying very nice things and forgetting all about those times when I was yelling and screaming.

Finally, in trying to make a more delicious blog meal, I add a sprinkling of themes – the old scrapbook, the coin collection, Brief Bee Hive moments, various contests and quizzes, and that bastard Gaston.

In the end, out comes some sort of concoction that some people like and others can do without. But I remind myself that not everyone was fussy about Julia Child’s recipes either.

Now, onward we go, and today the quiz raises it’s odd-shaped head.

Can you identify where the postcard is from, and what team this is from the signatures?

19 thoughts on “It’s Doing Pretty Good…..At Least It Themes Like It”

  1. Another good tough one Dennis.
    I’m not finding a lot of help on the web so I’ll take what I found and make what I hope will be an educated guess.
    Is it the Czechoslovakian team from the 1969 World Ice Hockey Championships held in Stockholm, Sweden?

  2. I think Christopher is bang on. I see the word Stockholm under the line separating the address from the signatures. There’s also a date but it is hard to make out. Looks like maybe April 4th. I also see Czechoslokia (Tchechoslokia) on the last line on the address. I also see the year 1969 in the postmark.

    Dennis, looks like your quiz has been Slap-Chopped.

  3. But Danno, I’m not so sure you and Christopher have the right answer. This postcard was given to me by a fellow in Russia who knows more about hockey and the NHL than I think anybody, it’s very surprising the depths of info he knows, and he doesn’t speak English. Anyway, before he gave it to me he looked at it for about five minutes and concluded it’s the Swedish national team who signed it. At least that’s what he thought.

  4. Hmmmm…. Guess I spoke too soon. Those signatures are very hard to make out. And that’s the key to this puzzle.

    Why couldn’t they give readable autographs like Jean Beliveau?

  5. But Danno, you still could be right. It’s not 100% that it’s the Swedish squad. The Russian fellow just thought it was after much examination. Also, Bobby Hull had a great autograph. One thing I’ve noticed – European players have always scribbled their names, and North Americans only started doing it in the 80’s or so. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine, this scribbling. It’s almost like, if it can’t be read, throw it out.

  6. Dennis, I agree with you on that unless of course that unreadable signature written on a big cheque. Then I wouldn’t throw it out.

    They say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they sign their name. It’s called graphology. I’m not sure if it’s a bogus science or not but maybe there is something to it. for instance, I always found Jean Beliveau to have a classy looking signature and we all know the man epitomizes class.

  7. Dennis! Your banner has changed from being red to blue. I hope you haven’t suddenly become a Leaf fan!
    Say it ain’t so!

  8. danno beat me too it…….. blue and white? even if it’s baby bleu…. we’re traditionalists don’t fool around!!!!!!

  9. Hobo and Danno. No, I’m having technical problems and they’re working on things. The original should be back soon.

  10. It’s being fixed, Danno. They had to start from scratch and find the problem. I think everything’s okay now.

  11. Dennis, this is like messing around with the Coke formula. Remember New Coke and how Coca-Cola was forced to go back to Coke Classic after widespread consumer backlash against the new product?
    This better be good 🙂

  12. Whew, that was close. It took techs at my host place two days to find out why I couldn’t upload pictures. Turns out a plug-in or two was causing the problem. What a relief. That’s why the look changed for a bit. They had to get back to basics, take away everything, and see if it worked, which it did. Then, little by little I have to put things back, which I’m doing. STRESS. WOW!

  13. I chose Czechoslovakia because of the few sequences of letters in the signatures I could make out, it was in that roster which I could most often find them.

    Rather than trying to guess the letters from the signatures, I see if I can find anyone’s signature on-line and compare them.

    I learned long ago that any squiggle would do after trying to sign my name with a frozen hand after pumping gas.

  14. And Christopher, it very well could be Czechoslovakia. And you have to ask yourself, “What kind of a quiz is it when the guy asking it isn’t sure of the answer?”

  15. Is there an answer to this damned puzzle?
    It’s making me go nuts and I must guzzle
    Loads of whisky to solve this riddle
    And time flies by as I fuss and fiddle
    Dennis Kane’s post card is mysterious and quizzical
    The only word that rhymes is geophysical
    But are the names Swedish or Czechoslovakian?
    If I don’t solve this soon I’ll call Dr. Kervokian.
    Damn you Dennis Kane
    This quiz is driving me insane!

  16. Imagine a guy, he gives a quiz,
    But he doesn’t know what the answer is.
    What’s he doing, does he really know,
    And does he think, Ginger was a Ho?
    What is this card, with all the writing?
    You’d think a quiz with an answer would be more exciting.

  17. Oh my gosh I didn’t know it
    But Dennis Kane’s quite a poet.
    He has stories, jokes and memorabilia
    He’s like a Canadiens encyclopedia

    This whimsical wordsmith spins his magic
    Weaving tales, both funny and tragic
    He also shares tasty recipes he’s chosen
    Like the gourmet’s favourite — Dinner de Frozen

    Not to mention Dog du Hot
    Go ahead and try it. Why the hell not?
    Or the lip-smacking favorite, Fromage de Grill
    A crowd-pleasing dish which is guaranteed to thrill
    Everyone from Julia Child to even Hal Gill

    His puzzles and quizzes are based on hockey’s history
    They make us scratch our heads and are shrouded in mystery
    If you’re a Habs fan, you don’t need another reason
    To check out Dennis Kane’s blog, even in the off-season

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