It’s Danno’s Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Danno! An excellent Habs fan, terrific writer, beer drinker, music lover, political shit-disturber, canal skater, and all-round great guy. A guy who tells me to hug my wife, and who has really helped me a lot on this blog over the past several years by sending me links, videos, updates, and fine Leaf jokes.

Here’s to you, Danno. Have a great day.

6 thoughts on “It’s Danno’s Birthday!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Danno. Anyone with a Rocket avatar has got to be a great guy.

    Let’s celebrate by finally buying the Habs, having a BBQ and a few beers, and planning the farthest place away from Montreal we can send Gomez!

  2. Thank you so much Dennis and Darth!

    As I blow out the candles on my birthday cake (after I pull the battery out of the smoke alarm) my only wish will be: Can Gomez be gone now please?

    Thanks again Dennis and to all the great people who visit your site!

  3. Hey Danno,Have a great day today,I can only hope your wishes evolve into something better for the Habs as I can always appreciate a true Canadiens fan..Cheers buddy.

  4. All the very best Danno, have a great day & keep supplying this site with your links & other info!!! Hope your best present is the Bell Ctr. door wacking Gomez out into the street!

  5. Happy Birthday Danno! I’m sorry that it’s too late for me to arrange anything for you this year, but I’ll get working for 2013. I’ll arrange for the Canadiens to be in the Stanley Cup Final on you next birthday, en route to winning #25.

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