It’s Big And Beautiful

My dad and I started the scrapbook together when I was little and he gradually bowed out and let me carry on.

It’s old now, many of the pages are loose, and it’s battered and beat up. But it’s my treasure. I used to invite friends from the old neighbourhood over – “Hey, you wanna come over and see my scrapbook?” and they would and then we’d play road hockey and pose like the players we had just seen in the book.

Here’s the first few pages. The cover was done by my dad, who was a sign painter.

The photos enlarge when clicked on.

A Christmas card Maurice Richard sent me when I was seven sits on the inside cover at the beginning.
Inside the Christmas card
The action photo at the top shows the Rocket just seconds before his Achilles tendon was sliced, which kept him out for months. And on the right, a nice family photo of the Richard clan. Also on this page, Rocket shows sons Normand and Andre his massive scrapbook.
An autographed picture sent to me from the Rocket, Forum and Maple Leaf Gardens ticket stubs, and a photo of Rocket looking at his goals tally are part of this page.

6 thoughts on “It’s Big And Beautiful”

  1. DON’T EVER THINK YOU ARE BORING US!!! Forget stick-boy. They need to set you up with a booth somewhere in the Bell to display your relics and hob nob with fans.Your postings are beyond good. Too bad you don’t cheer for a team in top place to watch a game. sic sic.

  2. Scrapbooking was the thing to do back then , one year a teacher was cleaning out an old cupboard and I just happened along and helped her . Among the things that were going was a pile of old scrapbook / doodling pads that had faded a bit on the edges . Needless to say I am glad I was able to save and use them . I made scrapbooks of the Habs , NHL stars and our local jr b team in Belleville that had players like Rick Meagher and others that went on to the NHL . Fun days those were and I was sure glad my step-dad was an avid newspaper reader , both T.O. papers and the local ones and my grandmas , one in Montreal and one in Ottawa always kept the massive color sports sections and magazines with hockey articles for me so I had quite a few . Don’t know what happened to them , family was military so they may have gone in the trash at some point but putting them together and hanging out with my friends and poring over them was great memories . Thanks Dennis for sharing that , you are certainly never boring !

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