It’s About This


I know they’re only halfway, but it’s a heck of lot better than no way.

For this guy, it’s not so much about the Canadiens having won the Cup since 1993. Although that’s still pretty bad.

It’s about the Canadiens winning it again pretty darn soon.

I was born in 1950 which means I have grey hair and wrinkled hands. And I’ve been alive for 18 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cups so I guess I’m a greedy bastard.

You say I have lots of time left? Tell that to Leafs fans who watch the years go by.

I’d like a parade while I can still stand near the curb. Not that I’m panicking but people my age are dropping like flies.

This is a direct order from me and all of us who find ourselves having to go to the bathroom about eight times in the middle of the night now.

Wondrous things are happening but they’re only halfway. C’mon boys, take out the Rangers and keep the hopes and dreams alive.


12 thoughts on “It’s About This”

  1. Dennis, it’s just a feeling but I say the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge are going to conquer the Red, White and Blue!

    C’mon boys! Rip those Rags!

    Habs in four!

  2. I second that motion, Danno. It’s a gut feeling and there’s some really good energy in the air right now.

    I was thinking of game 5 vs. the Bruins, my favorite. Why didn’t Therrien pinch the D more often before that game? I think it works well for our team.

  3. Mike you asked a question under Dennis post “cover boys” I tried to take away your guilt in that section

  4. There were nights when we’d travel from New Orleans to Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas and be treated with skating poop. I won’t blasphemy and suggest a shorter regular season, but reading the media meltdown out of Boston over what was “rightfully theirs” opened my eyes to that there was method to the madness we went through.

    It took a long time, but after that stink bomb in Phoenix, this team gelled and are the best team in hockey (attn media: note this fact when you say “out of nowhere” about the Habs).

  5. We all know what they say about hindsight but it’s true that the 82-game season is a huge marathon.

    Looking back, there were games where the team looked horrible. But they played well against the top teams. I think Therrien was not concerned in the least about winning the President’s trophy. But he was deeply concerned about minimizing injuries, staying in the race and making sure players kept the right attitude and focused on the long-range goal.

    Which is why the Bruins blew their load and the Habs keep marching on.

  6. If it was a method to get to this stage, maybe it’ll help me enjoy the ride Mike. And it seems my “ride” this season was shorter in miles then yours, Looking forward to your enthusiasm in upcoming days.

  7. Habs in 6. If Carey (he and I are on a first name basis) stands on his head 5. Can you imagine a Montreal-Chicago series. That game will be so fast we won’t be able to catch our breath. If we are going to reduce the schedule by 10 games I want to also suggest we also retire the individual scoring records or refer to records as the modern day record. Gone from the game is someone closing in on a record. With the emphasis on defensive hockey, bigger equipment, bigger goaltenders, defenesemen blocking shots i cannot see anyone ever topping 92 goals, 163 assists and 215 points, Just a thought.
    Now back to tomorrow, the boys need to keep focused. NY neutralized Crosby. I think they are going to try to do the same to Subban. The rest of the guys have to protect him. Make sure they will have to pay if they go after him. But i think the Habs are too fast for them. Carey WILL play better than Lundquist.

    mmmm time to open up the champagne bottle and bring the cup back to La Belle Province. * more wins.
    Did i hear right the only team to be awarded the cup on Habs ice is Detroit? That seems almost impossible????

  8. Hey Kane! what’s with the dropping off like flies! hahaha. Anyhow, I am looking forward to the game with zeal. Confident I am as one would expect to be. No predictions , one game at a time. Enjoy, in spite of the rain.

  9. Let’s say there is a parade this year, then we might just all meet up .. it’d be fun..! Stay well.

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