It’s A Golden Night In Canada

Canada won gold tonight by taking it to Sweden, 5-1 in Ottawa. But they won more than that. They won our hearts too.


It’s a shame that it has to end. Such emotion, such excitement, such noise from a usually quieter crowd in Ottawa for Senators games. But it’s the juniors, for goodness sakes. You can’t help but get worked up when you see what these young guns can do.


It’s not about money, or agents, or one-way contracts with these kids. It’s about doing it for their country, for their coach, Pat Quinn, for their friends and families, for themselves, and for you and me. And in the process, they show us how beautiful the sport of hockey can be when it’s played in its purest state.


Even those who say they hate hockey may have even sneaked a few peaks from their newspapers that they were pretending to read.


A few weeks ago I wrote that I couldn’t understand how some of the other countries who host this tournament don’t embrace this magical event. I don’t know why they don’t. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. The World Junior Championship rates with any major sporting event in the world.


This is the fifth gold medal in a row for Canada, and of course, the future of hockey is in great shape in this country.


I’m as proud as can be of these kids. And they in turn make me proud to be Canadian.


I’m sure the Habs were watching this somewhere. And I’m sure they see how it can be done, what it takes, and how it must feel when it’s done. 


The teenagers are teaching all of us tonight. 



Added Note:


Russia takes the bronze medal after beating Slovakia 5-2 in the earlier game.

32 thoughts on “It’s A Golden Night In Canada”

  1. canada definetly has the up and coming star hockey players its time the hockey world starts remembering that

  2. Can anybody explain to me how cody hodgson can lead his team in scoring and not be named one of the three most valuable on his team but make the tourniment all star team? I thought he might even have a shot at tourniment mvp leading the entire touniment in assists and total points but in defense to john tavares he also made a very good case to have the honor. Cant wait to see hodgson in canuck colors, the future looks bright……… subban doesnt look to shabby either.

  3. I can’t describe the Juniors any better than you have Dennis…..these young men are incredible. Sandy…you’ve hit the nail on the head–Canada does produce excellent hockey players…..Jordy-Jordy-Jordy— Cody HAS won personal victory.He gets to play for the best hockey franchise in the entire league!!!!!!On ice he will meld perfectly with our other young guns, not to mention the fact that he’s already passed the Pat Quinn test!!! Sure would love to see PK bust it loose in Vanc. (that was a dream I had last night…….)Back on hockey—Canadian Juniors ROCK!!!!

  4. Sigh, it’s always painful to watch promising young talents such as Cody Hodgson skate bright-eyed and bushy-tailed into the hockey limbo known as Canuckleland only to emerge, sooner or later, dazed and confused, bedraggled and tripping over their own skate laces which they no longer know how to tie. Too bad, how sad – Hodgson would, of course, realize his great potential in a Habs uniform.

  5. This year was the first year I followed the WJC and boy was I impressed!
    In fact, I was stunned by the speed, intensity, power and overall quality of the hockey I saw throughout the tournament (and not only from Team Canada!). I would even venture to say that the games I saw were of a higher level than a lot of NHL games.
    I swear I’m never missing this event ever again!

  6. uh oh sounds like theres a couple habs fans in here who are a little bitter that the best player in the world juniors isnt going to there team……..fortunately me and Jan dont have that problem being canucks fans

  7. This blog is slowly but surely turning into a Habs vs Canucks thing… Dennis, you have unleashed a monster!

  8. One day at a time Dennis. I find the banter to be quite enlightening. Your 1st 4 words are proof…

  9. Dennis for a person that has the hockey knowledge you have it really surprises me you think the habs are that much better than the canucks, putting aside all personal feelings for are teams I can honestly say the canucks have a better team then the habs do. Were battling injuries and your team only has 3 points on us. Im also pretty convinced we have better prospects in are system ( also your teams playoff success has been no better then the canucks in the last 10 years) Perhaps your a little rattled your team will be playing for second place in your division for the rest of the year.

  10. Naw, James what is happening is that, on the one hand, we have knowledgeable, insightful, thoughtful, articulate hockey sophisticates, aka Habs fans, and, on the other hand there is `The Other’, aka non-Habs fans. `The Other’ can be differentiated so, for example Canuckleheads are not exactly the same species as, say, Mangeurs de Twinkies and, on The Great Chain Of Being (hockey edition), they definitely rank higher, somewhere between the turtle and the salamander, I do believe. In fact, James, what Dennis is doing here is most charitably and graciously extending a helping hand to `The Other’in an effort to help them improve their natural,albeit somewhat less than exalted lot in life, to move up The Chain to perhaps occupy a link where the light is better and they can therefore better appreciate The Game – although, I suggest they bring their snow shades because the closer they come to `The CH Ice Ceiling’, beyond which they can never hope to pass, the brighter will be the light shining down on them and the danger of being bedazzled rather than enlightened (as is the benevolent intent of all Habs fans)is a very real threat which can result in permanent loss of hockey awareness, of falling off The Chain into hockey limbo wherein, alas, even as I speak, innumerable hordes of anonymous `Others’ wail and weep, lament with cries of anguish at their sorry benighted fate, that can never even aspire to break through `The CH Ice Ceiling’ and become a true Habs Fan.

    So, you see, James, Dennis has not `unleashed a monster’ rather he has provided a forum, a haven if you will, in which less enlightened `Others’ may find temporary respite from their misery in the warm comforting embrace of `Dennis Kane’s Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog’. Rejoice, James! And give thanks!

    p.s. Case In Point #1: Clearly, jan’scanuckhouse has failed to grasp the `essence’ of the `dialogue’in which Dennis engages in a humble non-patronizing attempt to edify and educate `The Other’, to lead them, as it were, to a higher state of hockey consciousness. Alas, poor jan, it would appear that she is beyond redemption, that she has been blinded to the higher reality and now stumbles about, lost and forlorn, in her dilapidated `canuckhouse’ falling over the chairs, walking into the doors, bouncing off the walls, desperately seeking the very enlightenment from which she has so obviously turned away. Lucky for her, Dennis is a compassionate guy and probably won’t condemn her for her wayward ways, might even try to lead her back to the light although it seems to me that one thing is true: Once a Canuckelhead, always a Canucklehead (cf. jordy).

  11. Jim…there’s a shovel and a bucket with your name on it right outside my neighbour’s back door…..go forth

  12. Jordy. And we don’t have injuries? A quarter of our freakin team is out with injuries. Sheeesh.

  13. Dennis,

    once again an elderly fan underestimates the knowledge of a young buck. You assume far to much, you have no idea how much I know about your teams prospects and every other teams for that matter. Just because im a canucks fan its pretty ignorant to think i dont know anything about any other teams, I follow hockey not just my team which apparently is something you dont do. As much as you may not like it canucks fans can and do know as much or more about hockey then habs fans. LOL and a quarter of your team being injured? thats a little dramatic…..and if you guys are as good as you say they are it shouldnt matter right?

  14. I rest my case. Once again, a Habber – Dennis – has to set the record straight, has to enlighten The Other of certain crucial facts as well as of their obvious place in the natural order of things. But, such is the burden we must bear.

    And we are truly humble working men who sally forth to do our duty equipped with the simplest of tools – a bucket and a shovel: our bucket is full of truth & justice, knowledge and insight; our shovel is the words we use to dispense our wisdom to those ordained to occupy less elevated links in The Great Chain Of Being. So, once again, jan & jordy I sincerely urge you to abandon the dark side and Come On Over to the light – you’ll be glad you did!

  15. Jordy, how can you say that team 1 is better than team 2 when team 2 has played 3 fewer games yet has 3 more points…? Nevermind what teams are involved, it just doesn’t make sense.
    As for the injuries, Dennis is right. The ENTIRE top line is out (Koivu, Tangay and Higgins) injured as well as Laraque and Dandenault. And let’s not mention the #1 goaltender…
    So to answer your question, and from a purely objective viewpoint, leaving all emotions aside, I believe the Habs have a stronger team than the Canucks.

  16. And Jim, did you ever think of founding a religion? Easy way to make tons of money I heard, and you’d probably do good. =)

  17. If chris higgins is a top line player thats not saying a whole lot. Georges Laraque and Dandenaults injuries dont put the habs out of a playoff spot. Carey Price seems about is durable as a paper bag full of rocks. I’ll agree Tanguay and Koivu hurts but not as much as Roberto Luongo and Sami Salo, and losing Pyatt and Ryan Johnson ( the best shot blocker in the league) doesnt help matters either. Your absolutely right that you have 3 games in hand and 3 more points but you play in the eastern conference for gods sake, the canadians wouldnt even be a .500 team in the west

  18. james, I did briefly consider becoming a guru of some kind but I quickly came to the realization that my followers would very likely crucify my before I had a chance to amass sufficient moola and skedaddle.

    jordy: sx U make sense (which, given that U are as canuckleheaded as a Canucklehead can possibly be, is in itself a feat of no little merit) but most of the time (being a Canucklehead) you do not.

  19. This is probably too late in this post’s life to answer, but I feel I have to anyway…
    The Habs are 5-1-1 against western conference teams this year, including wins against Detroit, Minnesota and Calgary (2 of those 3 wins were on western ice after having played in the east 2 nights prior, so don’t start with the travel).
    I’d say that 5-1-1 is a tad above .500…

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