It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s….Hockey’s Saviour!

It’s possible that Gary Bettman and his clan won’t be able to fix the woes of the NHL. Brendan Shanahan, Bill Daly, Mike Murphy, Colin Campbell, the owners and the rest of those guys in Armani suits who run things might try but it’ll be tough.

Don Cherry isn’t interested.

Hal Gill or Travis Moen or Ryan White won’t fix Zdeno Chara. He’s too freaking big and strong, with fists like sledgehammers.

Via Rail, Air Canada, and Geoff Molson have given it a shot, probably to no avail, and the cops have better things to do.

Readers weigh in with solutions but it’s still a dead end.

In fact, there’s only one man I can think of who can take care of business. One man who doesn’t fool around, who scares the hell out of me and Jack Schitt and the cat. One man who fights dirty, pulls hair, and kicks people in the nuts. A man who has friends in the big house and who ruins my day on a regular basis.

Time to bring out the heavy artillery.

Put your hands together for –


5 thoughts on “It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s….Hockey’s Saviour!”

  1. Super-Gaston is such a tough bastard – he’s completely immune to kryptonite.

    Termites, not so much…

  2. Dennis,

    He looks like he’s just seen Chara and is having a crisis of confidence. Own up, you told him Chara was 6’2″ 185 pounds and had one leg, didn’t you?

  3. Faster than an Air Canada jet, more powerful than a VIA rail locomotive, able to chug DKRFSB in a single gulp.

  4. Blu Bayou, Gaston can take care of himself. That look on his face is just after he saw me get out of the shower.

  5. Chris, Gaston would drink your beer, my beer, and everbody else’s too. And not even say thank you.

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