It’s A Beautiful Day!

I’m in a good mood. A great mood. I feel like whistling. The sun is shining brightly, birds are singing, I had a good sleep, and my porridge tasted terrific. I hope you have a wonderful day too. You deserve it.

I also hope the Ottawa Senators crash and burn and suck and get blown out and are ridiculed and humiliated and their coach gets his mustache stuck in a combine harvester.

I hope anthem singer Lyndon Slewidge pokes himself in the eye when he does that finger thing at the end of the song.

I hope Senators fans whine and fret and cry and yell at the referees, and in general, feel hopelessly lousy and depressed as their team smells like the sanitation truck that empties out the sewage system on the ferry boat.

I hope Ottawa bars sit deathly quiet as hockey fans quietly nurse their Pink Ladies, long after the televisions have been shut off.

Yes, it’s a fine day. I feel like whistling.


12 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day!”

  1. Mike, I think half of Sens fans used to be Habs fans. Not sure how they could change, but they did. Must not have been true fans. A fickle bunch.

  2. This is a hard one for me because with our guys being out, I always hope a Canadian team wins. But it’s so hard to back the Sens now…or the leafs…

  3. Marjo, I can’t cheer for either. I found the perfect solution – I’m cheering for Canada in the World Championships.

  4. C’Mon on PK, Ohh I mean Dennis. I got you two mixed up with the whinning and all. I remember one of your articles some time ago and in it you said that if Montreal was out and Ottawa was in you would cheer for them? Did you not? All this whinning brings me back to one of your older artilces about Habs fans are an embarrassment, I would have to agree after watching and listening for the last 2 weeks – The series is over, Montreal fans need to move on.

    A true Canadian hockey fan would be cheering for a CANADIAN team. Wouldn’t it be something if you could say “Ya but we lost to the Stanley Cup Champions. I know its a long shot but you never know. If the roles had been reversed I know I would be going for Montreal.

    “Ole, Ole,……” sorry I mean “Pageau, Pageau Pageau”


  5. Robin, unfortunately, whether a team is in Canada or not, it means nothing to me. And if you’re trying to sway me by saying you’d hope for Montreal if things were reversed, you screwed it up with your Pageau line.

  6. Robin, after reading the post, I would say that Dennis was referring to some folks from Montreal not standing up during the the anthem at your arena. How does “all this whining” as you put it, bring you back to that article? I can’t make the connection.

    Dennis is grieving the fact that his team lost. What’s wrong with that? Compared to a lot of blogs out there who outright insult — in a very nasty way– I’m not sure how you find anything written in *this* post troublesome, nasty or hurtful to you. Furthermore, I don’t think it’s he who’s not moving on but rather you. You won, right? You should be happy and let people feel how they feel. Comparing him to PK for whining? Grow up.

    Sorry Dennis…this comment really bugged me…

  7. Calm down Marjo, referring Dennis to PK was a joke. You think PK acted like a leader out there or was he whinning just a little bit?? I would really like to hear what you thought of PK out there. (It would really show me how much you know about hockey) I hope Yzerman was watching, yelling at his own teammates, whinning and taking dumb selfish penatlies (thats someone you want representing your country?). I was only really referring to the article and the word EMBARRASSEMENT, with all the Montreal fans whinning about, ref’s, icings, kicked in goals…… it sort of goes together, its OVER, DROP IT.

    Hey Dennis, your right, the Pageau line was not called for.

    Have a good one


  8. Robin, how in the world would my opinion of PK show you how much I know about hockey? Picasso was a total asshole in my regard. Does my opinion of him demonstrate to you my knowledge of art?

  9. Robin, P.K. Subban is one of the greatest young players in the world. Like it or not.

  10. I agree with Dennis, so is Erik Karlsson. The Difference between the 2 is one doesn’t yell at his teammates, take sucks and doesn’t take dumb selfish penatlies. One is a team player.

    Yes Marjo, your knowledge of art does show me you know nothing about hockey, and now I also found out you have something in common with Picasso.

    This comment really really really bugged me Marjo.

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