It’ll Be The Same Old Song And Dance If The Habs Win It All

You’ve heard this since you were a kid. Whether it was during the playoffs, or after a big Habs’ Stanley Cup win, or even in the off-season, you heard it. You heard it then, and you still hear it now. 

The referrees favoured Montreal, they’d say. The league wanted Montreal to win. It was practically fixed. If a call was borderline, the decision went to the Habs. They won for so many years because they had first dibs on French-Canadian players.


Everyone else was the underdog, didn’t stand a chance against the disproportionately-stacked Montreal Canadiens, and so hockey fans growing up hated the Canadiens because this was a team that always seemed to win, and so they cheered for everyone else. Anybody but the Habs. Their fathers hated the Habs, which begat Hab-hating sons, which begat Hab-hating grandchildren.


So are you ready to hear more of this? This is the year of celebration for the Montreal Canadiens, their 100th anniversary of being a hockey team, and often, more than others, a glorious team. And in this 100th year, Montreal has a decent chance to win the Cup, their 25th time.


People will say it was fixed to correspond with the anniversary. The league wants them to win this year, they’ll nod in agreement. The referees will give them the close calls. And new fathers will teach their children as they grow up to hate the Habs.


The circle will never be broken. And it makes Montreal Canadiens fans even stronger.



5 thoughts on “It’ll Be The Same Old Song And Dance If The Habs Win It All”

  1. DK,

    Yeah, this bs is part of the price that is paid whenever an individual or a team becomes that much better than the others. And invariably it flies in the face of the real facts. So, for example, the sixties Leafs got away with all kinds of cheap shots, interference, clutch & grabb tactics especially against us in the playoffs and everybody not only knew it but wink wink condoned it. In retrospect, that we had to be that much better may be in part attributable to our need to overcome this blatant favouritism. Also, what about Boston’s Thelan’s stick on Richer, broke his hand just when he was really starting to kick it into gear and we were clearly dominating the series … hmmm, not even a two minute minor if I recall correctly. More recently the same pattern happened when Koivu was `accidentally’ sticked in the eye … take a good look at the replay and it was not that! There is a constant litany of this stuff which is why team toughness, particularly mental focus and intensity, are so important and play such a key role in the development of great teams.

  2. la P,

    Naw, 25 ain’t sick. 100 cups is because I won’t be there to celebrate …. sigh, as DK pointed out, there is no justice.

  3. well, if montreal wins every cup from now until the 2084-2085 season, we’ll get to see their 100th cup…that is, of course, if we live that long

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