It’ll Be A While For Emelin


Alexei Emelin underwent surgery on his left knee and apparently is lost for the next six months, which brings it to about the end of November before he’s up and at ’em again.

However long it takes, as long as he’s 100% when he does come back.

I wonder if this tough hombre would throw himself in front of a steamrolling Milan Lucic if he could do it all over again.

I’m thinking that he might, as bad an idea as it might be. Emelin plays a physical game to say the least, and he might not be wearing the CH or any other big league jersey if he didn’t play this type of game.

I love Emelin’s game. It’s hard-core, lay your body in and pack a wallop. It’s the way select, rugged rearguards have played since players decided 100 years ago that a great way to slow someone down is to imitate a brick wall.

I’m surprised Don Cherry doesn’t talk more about this guy. Has he at all? Emelin should be one guy Cherry should appreciate, with the ruggedness that he brings to the table. Instead, the old bugger goes on about ballet star Nazem Kadri.

To put yourself in front of a large, hard-skating Milan Lucic rumbling down the side showed some serious guts that I, for one, don’t have. And you have to know that players around the league, after they’d seen the collision on the news, gained a whole new level of respect for this 28-year old Russian tank.

It was a big-league play that went bad, and only because Lucic had built up a full set of steam. Don’t forget, Lucic may be 6’4″, 220 pounds, but Emelin isn’t exactly Woody Allen. He’s right up there at 6’2″, 223, so I’m sure Lucic felt the impact as well.

Random Note:

Happy belated birthdays to two Montreal Canadiens players who would’ve celebrated birthdays in May if they weren’t dead. Like George Brown, who would’ve been 100 on May 17. And Fred Coriveau, who would’ve been only 85 on May 15th.

These boys once wore the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens, which is a damn fine accomplishment.

George played 79 regular season games in the 1930s, and Fred suited up for three games during the 1953-54 season.


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  1. Of all the injuries this one pains me the most — and I’m sure him too. Also, they say six months but sometimes it takes longer, no? Remember Markov?

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