It Would’ve Been Good, But We Still Need Defence

When you think back to before and during the Canadiens’ season, the sheer volume of players bandied about who might come to Montreal was staggering; Teemu Selanne, Ilya Kovalchuk, Todd Bertuzzi, Olli Jokinen, Ryan Smyth, Marian Hossa, Jay Bouwmeester, Marion Gaborik, Brendan Shanahan, Bill Guerin, Patrick Marleau, and of course, Mats Sundin and Vincent Lecavalier. All of these players were talked about in length about how they would help the Habs. It was serious business. Especially when it came to Mats Sundin and Vinny Lecavalier.

Have I missed anybody?

The juiciest of the juicy wasn’t about any of these players. For about 48 hours, there was speculation that Alex Ovechkin, believe it or not, was interested in joining the Habs because he’s apparently great friends with Andrei Markov. Then, as quickly as the story appeared, it ended like a speeding car hitting a brick wall. Ovie signed his big 124 million dollar contract and that was that. But imagine if it would’ve actually happened. Ovechkin is the closest thing to Rocket Richard as there is in recent memory. He’s a right-handed shot playing left wing. Rocket was a left-handed shot who played right wing. Both are considered as explosive as any who ever played the game. Both were blessed with wicked wrist shots. Ovechkin plays with unparalleled passion, just as the Rocket did. In fact, there was no one like the Rocket for fire, and Ovechkin is showing he’s the modern day version. And the Rocket was as dangerous as a live grenade from the blueline in, just as Ovie is now. The big difference is Ovechkin’s a ham and likes to showboat, and Richard was never into that stuff.

Just imagine if Washington had made the biggest blunder of their franchise history and let Ovechkin go to the Habs. It might’ve been something like the Boston Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. But it didn’t happen. Wasn’t in the cards. Washington is too smart to give up a guy like that, regardless of cost. So now we sit back and watch this young Russian play with joyous and controlled abandon in a barn-burner of a series against Pittsburgh.

Ovechkin in Montreal. It kind of dwarfs the whole Sundin, Lecavalier saga.

Because I don’t know how to do this, you’ll have to pretend there’s a picture of Ovechkin wearing a Canadiens’ sweater inside this frame.



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