It Was Good To Have Murph Chamberlain On Your Side

Erwin “Murph” Chamberlain showed up at my door the other day.

No, not the real Murph Chamberlain, he’s been dead since 1986, but the Bee Hive, from those lovely 5×8 photos of years gone by, and one of the few I needed to complete a 70-odd set from the 1944-64 Group 2 series.

This was a guy, like Sprague Cleghorn a couple of decades before him, who would have straightened out the Sean Avery’s of the league in one or two quick and easy lessons.

Chamberlain was one of hockey’s larger-than-life characters – a tough as nails, hard-drinking, hard-partying, loud fellow who led teammates astray on a regular basis but was a leader in many ways, on and off the ice. We hear the stories, like the time a rookie at training camp was poised to make the club and shove a veteran aside until “Hardrock”, as they called Chamberlain, took the bull by the horns and beat the daylights out of the poor guy, thus ending the newcomer’s chances of taking one of Murph’s buddies’ jobs. Or in New York where Chuck Raynor once said with great fondness how Chamberlain babysat him in the big city.

He wasn’t a giant of a man at 5’11, 165lbs, but was as rugged as they came, much like Ted Lindsay was in Detroit and Chicago. But then again, 5’11 was quite a serious height in those days. Regardless, it’s common knowledge that this was one tough mother, or as I like to call him – “The Sprague Cleghorn of the 1940’s.”

Here’s some Murph Chamberlain stats: Murph stats. And I might need to remortgage my house for those last few Bee Hives I need.

3 thoughts on “It Was Good To Have Murph Chamberlain On Your Side”

  1. Good column Dennis. Just to let you know, I’ll be at the Habs – Knuckleheads game in February. I have a friend who has gotten these the past two years. I take him golfing and he we catch a game. A very cool deal.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong Dennis, but I think you are down to only seven cards to complete your set.

    That would be Tod Campeau, Gerry Couture, Eddie Dorohoy, John Hanna, Vern Kaiser, Ross Lowe, and George Robertson.

    So what are you waiting for? Just sell the house. Buy the damn cards.

    Live under a bridge.

    It’ll be worth it.

    If I spot any of them selling for less than an arm and a leg I’ll let you know.

  3. You’re absolutely bright, Danno. These exactly. George Robertson and John Hanna are on ebay now but it would be about $150.00 for the two. I’m hoping to somehow find a better deal than this. The other ones are very scarce and rarely seen.

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