It Was Good To Be A Beatle

Yes it was good to be in the Beatles, but that photo shoot at Abbey Road drove me crazy. Two hours of back and forth, back and forth, until finally I’d simply had enough and just kept going, right to the St. John’s Wood underground station, out to Heathrow, and back to Canada where I got my dream job at the Porcelain and Metal factory in Orillia assembling metal doors for bathroom stalls on the graveyard shift.

4 thoughts on “It Was Good To Be A Beatle”

  1. Dennis hope you had a ‘fab’ summer!
    So let me see if i get this right…George is gravedigger, Paul the corpse, Ringo the undertaker, John the minister and Dennis the Montreal Canadiens stickboy!
    Too bad you didn’t have a pint at the Heroes of Alma pub around the corner!

  2. Ed, apparently the pub nearby is no longer. At least that’s what I heard. And I hope you had a fab summer as well. Thanks!

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