It Was Fifty Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago today the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. The first time most kids and parents in North America had seen them.

How time flies. I was 13. A skinny kid who played hockey, went to church, listened to Roy Orbison and Elvis on my little red transistor radio, and dreamed of playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

Then the Beatles came along and pretty soon I was growing my hair, dancing and smoking, and wanting to do more than just holding hands.

I won’t blame them for killing my dream of playing for the Habs, although I should. It just never helped when I’d skate down the right side with the puck in an important game, singing Beatles songs under my breath as I went.

Didn’t help one bit. Lack of focus.

I was as impressionable as can be, and the Beatles left a lasting impression.

It was a big moment in my life. Fifty years ago today.



4 thoughts on “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today”

  1. Yesterday…………
    All the Habs’ troubles seemed so far away,
    Now it seems as though they’re here to stay.
    Oh, I believe, in yesterday.

  2. Mike, it’s always been Stones fans and Beatles fans. I liked the Stones, but I loved (and love) the Beatles.

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