It Was Almost A Year Ago For PK; Plus….Gill/Subban Exchange, From The Toronto Sun

 This was my small post for February 11, 2010…..PK  gets the call.


PK Called Up

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PK Subban has been called up to play in Philadephia Friday night. This is terrific news because the young buck is considered a keeper, part of the future of the Habs blueline, but it also reminds us that it’s a little bit like preseason in Montreal right now, with guys being called up and sent down and others called up etc.

It’s never boring with the Montreal Canadiens.

And now a year later, this from the Toronto Sun

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Habs’ Gill: ‘You’re an a**hole, P.K.’

By QMI Agency

Last Updated: February 8, 2011 9:18pm

Brash Montreal Canadiens rookie defenceman P.K. Subban, who has played all of 49 NHL games, might be rubbing his older teammates the wrong way.

Tension between Subban and veteran blueliner Hal Gill appeared to surface Tuesday after the rookie scattered his equipment around the dressing room, which gave the impression he was treating the equipment staff like servants.

Noticing what was happening, Gill picked up Subban’s jersey and handed it back to him, saying, “You’re an a–hole, P.K.”

Seeing the surprised looks on the faces of reporters around him, Gill added, “And you can write that.”

Stunned by his teammate’s reaction, Subban began to apologize, though it appeared to be too little, too late for Gill.

“As my dad said, your excuses aren’t going to get the lawn mowed any better,” Gill shot back.

Earlier this season Subban was chided for his cocky on-ice attitude by Philadelphia Flyers captain Mike Richards. After a November game between the two teams, Richards suggested Subban still needed to earn respect from veteran players.

Having cracked the NHL in 1997, Gill can be considered an old school-player.

He says young players early in his career knew they needed to behave.

“Nowadays, they think anything goes,” he said, indicating he doesn’t think Subban is an exception to the rule among the younger generation of NHLers.

Now 35, Gill recalls his debut with the Boston Bruins.

“Guys like Dave Ellett and Raymond Bourque didn’t make my life easy,” he said. “You knew to hold the door for them and to eat your soup after they did.”

Though he may not be a veteran yet, Alexandre Picard is also surprised by the attitude of some young players in the league.

“I’ve seen things here that would not be accepted on three-quarters of NHL teams,” the Habs defenceman said. “At least it wouldn’t have happened in the Philadelphia Flyers dressing room when I started in the league.”

Loaded with money, testosterone and ego, the hockey world is very much a hierarchy. It is a world of unwritten rules that dictates conduct in the dressing room, on the team plane, at the hotel and with each other.

“None of that exists anymore,” said Gill, adding that that money paid to young players now breaks down the hierarchy that used to exist.

In an interview earlier this season, Habs forward Scott Gomez recalled being targeted by Claude Lemieux when he started his career in New Jersey.

Arrogance and intimidation were some of his favourite weapons.

“I acted that way with him because he was already taking up a lot of space for a rookie,” said Lemieux during a recent interview.

Imagine the treatment Subban would receive if Lemieux still wore the Montreal colours.

14 thoughts on “It Was Almost A Year Ago For PK; Plus….Gill/Subban Exchange, From The Toronto Sun”

  1. Hey Dennis, take a look at the article by Arpon Basu where he talks about the exchange.

    Arpon was in the room and provided his take on the exchange and how it went down. Sounds like a non issue to me from his first hand perspective, which means this is another media hyped inflammatory scoop about Subban…again.

    I think people in Mtl want to drive this kid and every other promising kid out of town. I mean you’d think Mtl was the vatican (minus the money laundering allegations) given the standards these guys are subjected to.

  2. @ Geoff F

    I don’t think it’s the fans in MTL at all… who else gets the same level of adoration at the Bell Centre as Subban? What other player in recent memory has awed bloggers and fans as much for his potential of superstardom since Lafleur?

    Instead, I’d propose that these sort of rumours (like Subban’s numerous call out from Don Cherry and other TSN (Toronto Sports Network) establishment figures) are just an extension of an ongoing Habs hate-on that’s been around since I started cheering for them in the late 60s.

    It should be pretty obvious by now that there is no limit to how low they will stoop to drag Subban (and by association the CH) through the dirt. This is nothing more than another headgame designed to get Subban off his game – and attention away from how awful Phil Kessel is playing. If there are disputes and a bad attitude in Leafs Nation, then Montreal must also be in turmoil. It cannot stand that MTL is allowed a budding superstar (and one from TO to boot… ouch).

    This sort of dangerous thinking may make the Leaf faithful restless. So, instead we get a smear at every opportunity, just to make sure that he (and MTL) doesn’t get to uppity.

    The one thing the haters don’t seem to realize is that this sort of crap only seems to feed PK’s fire and make him play better.

  3. Read the Arpon Basu article and agree – this is just lazy or incompetent reporting on the part of the person that wrote the original article. Sounds like a lot got lost in english to french to english translation as well.

    Toronto Star must love this… tends to mask the stink rising from that pile of Leafs at the AC.

    PK is a good one. Love the enthusiasm. I do a lot of work with executives and many of them complain about the lack of respect that young people these days have for their elders. I don’t think it’s a lack of respect in many cases – just a belief that the baby boomer values and systems created by our parents and supported by us should be questioned. I agree with the PK’s of the world. Our values and systems should be seriously questioned and I laud those young people for having the courage of their convictions to do it despite our protests.

    Keep it up PK – your appear to be a shining example of a new generation.

  4. @ badhabits i don’t necessarily agree with the Leaf nation concept you have brought forth. To be honest i saw two articles in the French media before i saw it anywhere else like TSN etc… So i’m assuming it was a French news reporter that released the “SCOOP” hoping it would have legs.

    So while we all know of TSN’s bias in this case it was French media therefore LOCAL BOYS that are stirring the pot first.

  5. Geoff, V, and Bad Habits, thanks for your take on this. Although it seems the Toronto Sun has exaggerated the details, PK must learn to absolutely not throw the sweater on the floor. That’s the bottom line for me. And then there’s the examples – Picard talking about when he came up, and Gill mentioning how he had to learn how to respect the veterans. So the Sun article wasn’t completely out of whack, just made to look more than it was. Good for Gill for teaching the kid how to be an NHLer. Every rookie needs this. And please, PK – don’t throw the sweater around. Honour it.
    Arpon also mentions the John Loo interview which was on TSN. PK went to dinner at a restaurant and Gill and his wife and kids happened to be there. Gill invited PK over and PK said he had a great time playing with the kids and being with the family. So it’s all good, except for the sweater on the floor.

  6. Dennis, both Hall Gill and PK Subban are probably laughing their asses off about this. They probably baited the press just to see if they would bite. Well, it looks like they took it hook, line and sinker.

    Still, I think it would be good for Gill to make a statement to clear the air. This is just one more episode in the ongoing soap opera of As the Habs Turn. These little controversies keep emerging out of nowhere.

    The last one involving PK was the Snubgate scandal which involved Scott Gomez not joining in the celebrations after PK struck his archers pose after scoring a game-winning goal. Gomez explained himself later and told the press there was no snub and no issue and no problem and the story died.

    Why does this happen so much? Because Montreal is the centre of the hockey universe and the media is a blood-thirsty savage beast that can never be satisfied. That is why these types of stories keep emerging, often when there is really nothing else to write about. Like between long stretches between games.

    Another tempest in a teapot.

    But I agree with one thing. You must respect the CH and never, never, never, never, never throw it on the floor.

  7. Danno, that’s a good point. Maybe they played it up for the reporters. In one way I’m sorry I put the Sun story up but I did it for people to read. I had no idea how valid it was. It was in the news and I relayed it. Then I saw Mike Boone’s link to the Journal where he calls the writer a scab for taking it seriously so I’m assuming Mr. Boone feels I’m a scab too although I didn’t know if it was serious or not. I just reprinted the Sun story, I offered no opinion whatsover. I really didn’t know what to think, especially after seeing John Loo’s piece about PK having dinner with the Gill family. And when I read Arpon’s post, I saw that there was actually some truth to the story – the sweater on the floor, and the quotes from both Gill and Picard about how to act when new in the league. It doesn’t surprise me if rookies aren’t seeing things the way players did a decade ago and it doesn’t surprise me if PK is a bit of a character not cut in the mold of most. Sometimes this can be good or bad and sometimes it can come back to bite a character in the behind. The other thing that jumped out when I read this was if it was true, then it validated somewhat what Mike Richards was going on about and I didn’t like that at all.
    The bottom line is, I’m relieved that it was exaggerated. Imagine if it was all exactly as it went down? But please, PK – honour the crest.

  8. Dennis, no question i agree about the Jersey on the floor, it’s the unrwritten rule. However i was commenting more on the fact that i think Gill meant it to come across the way it did on purpose.

    I think it was his way of calling out PK while making a joke out of it (giving PK an out in terms of bruised ego while still getting the message across). Listening to Hal Gill interviews tells me he was messing with everyone’s head while sending PK a clear message.

  9. Geoff, I think you’ve nailed it. Gill made his point while giving PK an out. I agree with what you say and thanks for putting it so clearly. All we want is for PK to become an absolute superstar. And he’s a likeable fellow too. The neverending circus that happens with the Canadiens has been around for decades. This is just the newest and PK is in the new starring role.

  10. Dennis, I believe Mike Boone is calling the writer of the article a scab because of the ongoing strike at Le Journal de Montreal. The journalists who worked at the Journal de Montreal have been locked out for more than two years.

    But the owner, Pierre Karl Peladeau, has found a loophole in Quebec’s anti-scab legislation and is using outsourced third-party news agencies to fill their pages — as they are not allowed to use in-house writers during a strike. In this case they used QMI agency’s Jean-Philipe Bertrand to skirt the anti-scab law.

    As a side-note Brian Mulroney (never a friend to unionized workers) just happens to sit on the board of directors for Quebecor. The company is a big media player and includes TVA and Sun Media as part of its subsidiaries…

    I’m glad you brought this article to our attention. And you are most definitely not a scab Dennis.

  11. Thanks, Danno. I didn’t realize he was referring to the strike. I’m just a guy trying to have a blog about my Montreal Canadiens. I’m not trying to step on anyone’s feet or trying to work my way into mainstream media or anything related to that. It isn’t what it’s about. I’m just trying to connect in my own way with the Canadiens, a team I love as much as anyone on the planet. Thanks a lot for your last sentence, Danno. It means a lot.

  12. It’s all good Dennis.

    I love PK. He’s going to screw up every now and then and that’s natural, but overall he’s just amazing. And I believe his heart is in the right place. Gill is probably the best guy on the team to guide him and he’s doing a great job. PK is going to be one of the greatest very soon.

    Just watch him.

  13. DK, I know this is off topic but just who dreams up the schedule. In 8 day’s the Hab’s will have played 5 games! Back to back Sat. & Sun., back to back Wed. & Thur. & then play again this Sat. Yet at times they play 1 game & sit around for 4 or 5 day’d till the next game, whats up with that crap?!! What are your thoughts on the SNAFU ??
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  14. Oh, I know, Mike. There’s been way too many stretches of either days off or back to back games. I agree totally. But I suppose the other teams go through this too but we don’t pay attention to these low lifes.

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