Possibly The World’s Most Exciting Video!

I’m pretty sure this will win an Academy Award next year for best action short film.

It’s a little 47 second video taken from our seats. Oh, those seats. I still can’t get over it.

A lady in the front row kept holding up a cardboard face of Ryan Kesler during the warm-up to annoy the Habs I suppose, which is just silly. All it did was give them another target to shoot at. And of course the picture didn’t help, as the boys clobbered those Canucks 4-1.

12 thoughts on “Possibly The World’s Most Exciting Video!”

  1. Oh wow! I can only dream of such seats!

    And those stupid cardboard heads are annoying. Use them for dart boards!

  2. That’s it, I don’t care, next season I’m springing for tickets down low. It will probably cost me a fortune but to hell with it. I need to experience this!

    I guess that girl thought the picture would drive fear into our hearts? His “good looks” would distract us?

    There was a video on youtube of some fans mouthing off to a visiting player and he shot the puck at the glass and it shattered! Probably scared the hell out of them. Good for him.

  3. Darth, we only live once, and seats like that are worth it. Luci and I were commenting during the Buffalo game that you sure don’t see all the little things on TV the way you see them when you’re close to the action. It was awesome.

  4. Has Scorsese phoned asking for pointers yet?

    By the way did you see the headline about Gomez scoring 4 goals? Turns out German soccer player Mario had 2 years of our Scott’s contributions in one game.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but do you find the kind of “music” they play in most NHL arenas during warmup and breaks in the action to be really bad?

  6. Danno, I wish they’d lay off the music completely. And at the rink here in PR, I know people who won’t go to games because the music is too loud.

  7. I don’t know how loud the music was there but at the Bell Centre it gets pretty loud. Some of the music I don’t mind and wish they’d play all of it…just ask the players to wait until it’s over. 🙂

    The Bell Centre is pretty loud all the time as it is. If you ever see a game here Dennis and we win, your hearing will probably be messed up for days.

    I know there is this song that’s been in Montreal for years – The Russian Song – does anyone know if that’s the real title or not? I’d love to get a copy of it.

  8. I was at this game with my wife and good friend whom is a canuck friend…..it was our first habs game and we enjoyed every second of it as I dislike the canucks. I like to think this is an early birthday present to myself. I was given this card as we walked to the hotel that my friend was staying in at that time and then we made our way to the rogers arena. thank you dennis for this card. Me, my wife and our son are habs for life. we win together, we lose together…..habs for life.

    by the way……did anyone record this game because seeing it live and watching the game through t.v. are totally different so I would like to see it again from the camera p.o.v..

  9. Steve, that’s fantastic. I gave out a lot of cards that day. That game at Rogers was just great and so much fun. They started slowly, five shots in the first, but would take over. It’s tremendous to hear from you and that your family are all Habs fans. My wife and son are big fans too. Just great, and please don’t hesitate to come back and comment if you feel like it.

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